Congress 2010: Stuart Bain

What is your stance on health care? Would you support the repeal of the new health care law?

The government over-regulates health care, and health insurance monopolies are enforced by the government. By reducing the government’s involvement in health care and removing the government-enforced monopolies on health insurance, we will see the competition and availability of health care and health insurance drive costs down and provide more coverage for everyone. I support repeal of the PPACA because it is unconstitutional.

How do you plan to help small businesses succeed?

I support the FairTax Plan as the replacement for our current tax laws. I support ending government control of our free market economy. Special interest groups influence the federal government to pick winners and losers in our country’s economy. This is not the role of government in a free country. The government needs to protect free market economics, not crush them. I support lowering or removing the restrictive over-regulation and licensing faced by today’s small businesses.

How do you stand on keeping the Bush tax cuts that are scheduled to end January 2011? Would you support extending the Bush tax cuts beyond January 2010?

Until we pass the FairTax Plan into law, I support extending these tax cuts.

How do you feel about the new research showing that the recession has been over for some time? How do you plan to help those who are still feeling its effects?

I feel that the new research is somewhat misleading. The recession may get worse before it gets better. I plan to help those who are still feeling the recession’s effects by fighting for smaller government solutions, eliminating the red tape and obstacles to job creation and fighting for tax reform that rewards productivity and investment.

How do you use the Constitution in your decision making process? What role should government take in citizens’ lives?

The Constitution is the decision making-process. It is crucial to hold elected officials to their oath of office to uphold and defend the Constitution.  The incumbent in the Sixth District (Goodlatte, R.) violated his oath of office and also voted to support socialism. I imagine he would have more support from his traditional voter base had he supported the Constitution instead. The role of government is to protect the life, liberty and property of its citizens.

Would you support legislation that would reverse and/or challenge the abortion decision in Roe v. Wade?

Yes, I support Dr. Ron Paul’s Sanctity of Life Act.

What specific plans do you have to increase employment?

1. Support the FairTax Plan to encourage investment in creation of new jobs and productivity.
2. Eliminate obstacles to job creation. For example, overabundant licensing and regulation.
3. Reduce government involvement in the economy in favor of free market economics.

What would you like college students to know about you?

Today’s students face a dire set of circumstances. For the first time in our country’s history, the possibility of future generations facing a lower quality of life is upon us, thanks to the balance of power shifting too far away from our citizens toward government rule. This needs to reverse. It is time we return to the vision of our founding fathers and reduce the size of our federal government in favor of personal responsibility and liberty. I am the only candidate on the ballot ready and willing to tackle this monumental feat.

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