Farewell, Champion

If squirrels were bards, they would sing of the great adventures I encountered during my four-semester stay aboard the Liberty Champion.

There were some weeks where I felt like Aladdin on his magic carpet ride. While it had its amazing ups and downs, I always managed to keep my head in the clouds.  Of course, I could not do that without being constantly surrounded by such a wacky, dysfunctional staff.

I will miss Mrs. Huff the most — she is like a mom-away-from-home.  And of course, I will never forget her horrified cries of “TIM!” whenever she stumbled upon the shocking, and sometimes unprintable, passages in my articles.  Sometimes I would put a “surprise” in my articles for that
purpose alone.

Of course, like Aladdin, I felt the incessant chattering of that crazy monkey, often referred to as a deadline, clinging to my back as the semesters whipped by like the wind in my ears.  I did not dare close my eyes or blink at times because if I did, I would miss something new.

There were times were I felt frustrated and Jafar-ed, as if an evil, curly-bearded villain was trying to stomp on my day in the Champion.  But for every Jafar there were twice as many Jasmines — those beautiful moments of excitement, laughter and even intrigue that are a part of the Liberty Champion

If I had a genie, I would not wish it any different.

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