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CRS Award Funds – Faculty Scholarship Awards


Supports faculty fees and costs associated with publication or presentation of research.


Read the criteria below, complete the application form, and email it to crs@liberty.edu.


  • Applicant should be a contracted Liberty University faculty member.
  • Applicant should currently be involved in research instruction or mentorship (provide course number and description or description of research collaboration with students) or be able to provide a proposed plan of involvement

Evidence of real-world impact

Articulate how the scholarship enhances students’ competitive advantage in pursuing career opportunities, advances the University’s reputation, impacts society, and applies to the industry.

Evidence of acceptance for publication or presentation

Ability to provide proof of acceptance for presentation expenses. This includes the following:

  • acceptance as a presenter
  • dates of the event
  • itemized budget

Ability to provide proof of acceptance for publication expenses. This includes the following:

  • book contract
  • submission fees
  • itemized budget

Evidence of commitment to research

Provide a curriculum vitae that demonstrates specific examples of participation in research and scholarship and contributions to the applicant’s field in these areas or the potential to contribute in the future.

Follow-Up Expectations Changes

Faculty receiving this award will be expected to provide the appropriate follow-up documentation that pertains to the purpose of the award.

  • Faculty who received an award for publication will need to submit the citation once document has been published.
  • Faculty who received an award for presentation will need to submit the conference program citation/or image of conference program including citation. (Please include the name and dates of conference, home department, and award funding amount.)

Upload your document and ensure your file is saved in the following format: lastname_firstname_activitycode