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Why Words?

February 16, 2016

written by Erin Diaz

For some people, it's a sport. You step onto the field that you hold so dear and you feel different than you did before - it's like something is awakened inside of you. For some, it may be painting or some sort of art that can be created with your hands. When you hold the paintbrush, you let go of all tension or stress that you may be feeling. Whatever it is, there is something that we all need to make us feel like our truest selves.

For me, I need words.

It's the way that I see love and feel able to give love. As an English graduate student, I have decided to dedicate everything to a future of writing and reading – essentially, a future of words. My love for words began at a young age (four years old, to be exact) when I learned to read and Dr. Seuss became my favorite author (and the only author I could really read). The older I became, my love for words in stories became more and more noticeable to me and to my family. I wrote a chapter of a book at age seven and another one after that as an eight year old. 

All of this is to say that words have been very important to me ever since I can remember, and now I am the type of person who feels a lot of built-up emotion and tension unless I can write words down about why I feel a certain way. Writing about it is sort of like having a rough draft of words that express everything you need to, just to yourself or to whomever you desire to share it with.

When I open a book or have a blank piece of paper and a pen, I feel at home. I'm lucky that this is what I'm passionate about in life - not everyone can carry around what makes them feel at home in their bag. 

Words are important, and I have seen this in the books I read and the way I express myself through writing. I also see it in conversation - there is something about spending an hour or two in a meaningful chat with a friend that can change everything about your life. Words are everything, and the more we see their value, the better we can be at relationships in general.

I'm a lover of words. What are you passionate about?