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Preview: Every Square Inch Conference

February 15, 2018

By: Erin Diaz


“There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry, Mine!” – Abraham Kuyper

When Abraham Kuyper, Dutch politician and theologian, spoke the words above at his inaugural address at the dedication of the Free University in 1880, he was not aware that his words would be foundational to a movement: Every Square Inch Conference.

Liberty University’s Center for Apologetics and Cultural Engagement, in partnership with Student Activities, is honored to host the second annual “ESI” Conference on March 1st and 2nd. The two-day event will be packed with riveting lectures and workshops led by intellectuals, highlighting Dr. Gregory Alan Thornbury, Chancellor of The King’s College and Professor of Philosophy. Thursday night’s lecture, entitled “Cain, Abel, & Kanye: The Gospel & Pop Culture”, will be led by Dr. Thornbury in the Grand Concert Hall. John Mark McMillan, American songwriter and musician, will be joining us Friday evening in the LaHaye Event Space, rounding out the event.

To say that Student Activities is a part of Every Square Inch Conference is nothing short of an honor. Our department has been working tirelessly for years to arrive at the point of hosting an event such as this one. We strive to actively analyze pop culture and its relevance to Christianity, and this conference is the epitome of the cultural engagement we aim for and seek to discuss. To hear from a speaker such as Dr. Thornbury is exciting in itself, but to have the opportunity to also learn from speakers such as Dr. Taylor Worley, Dr. Karen Swallow Prior, Dr. Joshua Chatraw and Christopher Misiano is a highlight of the Student Activities spring calendar and the department’s journey thus far.

We look forward to seeing you March 1st and 2nd for a stimulating conference that will challenge your perspective and freely give insight to the pop culture/Christianity crossroads we often find ourselves in. For more information about Every Square Inch, visit the event’s website at*


*All events are free of charge for the conference, with the exception of the John Mark McMillan show. Workshops/lectures do require registration and a valid flames pass.