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Preview: Oh, Sleeper

April 5, 2017

Try as we might, Student Activities cannot possibly prepare you for Oh, Sleeper on Friday, April 21 starting at 7:30 PM in the LaHaye Event Space. Oh, Sleeper will be joined by The Death In Me and BoughtXBlood, and all three are ready to rock the roof off Green Hall and potentially make working out that night just a little more intense. Your other option is to just stick your ear against the wall in Green Hall Chick Fil A, or do the right thing and buy tickets, which are on sale now like this:

  • All tickets are general admission, and this show is standing room only.
  • Are you a student? Your tickets are $12 in advance, $17 at the door.
  • Are you a general public person? Your tickets are $17 in advance, $22 at the door.

Look, if you do not already like metalcore and/or Oh, Sleeper, we are not going to be able to convince most of you. You probably have a strong opinion one way or the other already; when we ask students what music they like/dislike, the two most contentious styles are “screamo” and “country”, eliciting the strongest love/hate reactions of any genre. Therefore, we expect that any favorable arguments for shrieking metal will fall on deaf ears either because your mind is already made up or because your eardrums have disintegrated. But we think it is possible that some undecided person out there has an open mind enough to try something new, and Oh, Sleeper is as good a place to start as you can find. Taking their name from Ephesians 5:14*, they are an explosion of guitars and drums that are relentless to the point of actually waking the dead. Existing Oh, Sleeper fans should be excited because you are guaranteed to hear new music from their upcoming album Bloodied//Unbowed, which, as Oh, Sleeper Zac said in a recent Facebook post*, has “100% chance of double bass.” As the post also says, they decided to make a full-length album instead of releasing another EP, which is usually preferable. Incidentally, that EP, The Titan (2013), is a great place to start if you are new to Oh, Sleeper, as it is just five songs that give shape to the direction the Shane Blay, Micah Kinard, and Zach Mayfield are heading as a band. One thing is certain: their concert here on April 21 will have no shortage of heavy, heavy, heavy metal, as we are excited to include Lynchburg natives BoughtXBlood and regional artists The Death In Me as well. So hey, undecided guy or girl out there, just open your mind to the possibility of having Oh, Sleeper melt your face off. You may like it more than you think.