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Preview: That Sugar Film

October 6, 2016

written by Brian Shesko

Student Activities has yet another outstanding Documentary Film Night, featuring a film that, for some of us, will be more terrifying than The Exorcist and more emotionally distressing than The Notebook. Start preparing now for That Sugar Film. Come to the LaHaye Event Space on Tuesday, October 11 starting at 7 PM to witness the film that celebrity chef and all-around healthy guy Jamie Oliver says is “a definite must-see!”

That Sugar Film stars Australian actor Damon Gameau, who conducts a health experiment on himself involving what you may have already guessed is sugar. As he reveals in the early going of the film, he shifted his diet (primarily as a way to impress his girlfriend) from an intake of generally unhealthy things like cigarettes, sugar, and homemade pizza, to a much healthier diet that, at the very least, eliminated all processed sugar. However, when she became pregnant, and as he noticed the amount of attention being given to the sugar content of many of the foods we consume, he decided to look for more “definitive answers”. That is where his experiment came in. His goal: to eat the average Australian’s intake of sugar per day, but without eating any stereotypically “sugary” foods. In fact, he attempts to do the opposite, eating only foods that are labeled “healthy”, or at least thought of as healthy, such as flavored yogurt, smoothies, juices, and cereals. That average intake according to the film, by the way, is 40 teaspoons daily. This may seem high, but as Damon demonstrates in the film, that amount is relatively easy to reach eating those “healthy” foods because of what the film shows are “hidden sugars”. You get to see what happens to Damon as a result of his experiment, as well as a brief history of sugar as a commodity and industry, and even a cameo from everyone’s favorite Australian, Hugh Jackman.

Following the film, you will hear from several terrific guest speakers, including Dr. C. Anna Henderson, who is a Registered Dietitian from the Department of Public Health, Kristina DiSanto, who is a Registered Dietitian from Liberty Dining Services, and Campus Recreation’s own Jamie Swyers, who is the Director of Recreation Centers. They will be checking your bags at the door to make sure you don’t have any “junk food”. JUST KIDDING. (No, but seriously, if you want to buy any soda or candy, you’ll have to go to the dumpsters outside of the building between the Event Space and the Tower Theater. Ask for “Patty”. Bring quarters.)

Just to “cover our bases”, we should mention that this film is rated PG for what is described as “disturbing material and discussions”, largely involving health-related issues.

This event is free to attend. Space is limited, so get there early. If you have any questions, email us:

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