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Mumford and Sons: A Celebration of Music

June 16, 2016

written by Erin Diaz

It’s a band we all know and some of us love – Mumford and Sons. The band has something new up their sleeve, and as always it finds a unique way to celebrate music.

Mumford and Sons is a band that is essential when it comes to the discussion of music being “Christian”. While it is true that Marcus Mumford is the son of a pastor, his music shows that he has internal struggles when it comes to what he believes about God. The first Mumford and Sons album, Sigh No More, was released in 2009, in it carrying lyrics full of angst, sadness and questioning while also somehow displaying a sense of acceptance and celebration. Although it is true that each song of Mumford’s holds the dichotomy of peace and confusion, he somehow finds a way to tie the two together into a piece of music that can be described with no other word than “human”.

Formed in 2007, the band has not only created interesting and attention-grabbing music, but they have also continuously provided new and exciting ways for people to experience their music live. In 2012, the band began "Gentlemen of the Road" stopovers for their album Babel, and it was such a hit that it has set the tone for all of the band's shows today. These stopovers are not always big cities and large amphitheaters - mostly, they are small towns and places with exceeding history and character. The tour also encourages local vendors to participate in order to be supported through the shows. This sort of tour is more like a festival than a typical concert, and it is the way that Mumford and Sons has changed the idea of live music for their listeners.

In accordance with the band creating unique music and experiences, lead singer Marcus Mumford and his bandmates hit the road this past January, traveling all the way to Johannesburg, South Africa. Their time there made its impression on Mumford and Sons, and it shows through the music that was created and recorded during the trip. The band features South African musicians and DJs on their new mini-album Johannesburg, which was created and recorded during two days of all-day and all-night sessions.

Johannesburg is set to release on June 17, but two singles from the mini-album are currently on Spotify: "Wona" and "There Will Be Time". Both of these released singles are a perfect combination of South African rhythm and Mumford's signature British rock sound. 

These two songs along with the rest of the album are being brought to America to be shared. If you're interested in seeing Mumford and Sons on their Johannesburg tour, take out your white blank page and write down Mumford's upcoming dates in New York City and London.