Student Activities has never questioned the loyalty of our wonderful supporters, so to say “Thank you, you wonderfully loyal folks!” we would like to introduce our Student Activities Loyalty Program. Here’s what you need to do/know:

  • Pick up a loyalty card at one of our events
  • Get a stamp at the announced time at our events (will vary from event to event)
  • Attend at least 5 events, get 5 stamps
  • Turn in your card at the Student Activities office and get some great promotional items

It’s just that simple! We want to give you free events as much as we can, but you might have the notion that we can’t always give you free stuff. Well we’re going to give you free stuff just for doing what you already do. It’s just one more, very special Thank You from your friends at Student Activities!

Questions? Just call us at 434-592-3061 or email us.