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Three Things to Know About Ben Rector

January 18, 2017

As you all (hopefully) have heard by now, your favorite guy Ben Rector is making an appearance at our very own Vines Center on February 18th. We’re pretty pumped for his visit – not only does he make “Hot 100” type of music (according to Billboard), but he also seems to be a pretty cool guy. Here are some things you may not have known about him prior to this moment:

  1. He fulfilled his dream of becoming the “world’s greatest one-man Huey Lewis and the News cover band”

Dan Millice wrote on his website about how Ben Rector recorded and sang three Huey Lewis and the News classics – “Do You Believe in Love”, “I Want a New Drug” and “Power of Love”. For those of you who may not know who Huey Lewis and the News is, you could perhaps ask your parents, or you could check this out. This is an example of one man having a dream and chasing it, and we have to applaud Rector for the hope he inspires in us all.

  1. He walks on the streets asking people if they care about his music

Ben Rector has no shame in not being the most well-known artist alive. He documents himself walking up to strangers on the street asking them “Are you excited about the release of Ben Rector’s new music?”, and when most of them say they have no idea who that is he simply laughs. Rector’s good-natured personality is made apparent in these videos, which you can find here.

  1. He used his “Brand New” music video money to take fans to Six Flags

“My label and management felt strongly that I needed a music video for “Brand New”, so I spent the money on flying six fans to Six Flags, because…roller coasters.”
BONUS: If we have yet to convince you that the Ben Rector show isn’t something you want to miss, watch this and you’ll probably purchase your ticket pretty quickly.

We’ll see you soon, Ben!