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The Last Time

April 27, 2023

Wow, y’all. I can’t believe that the end of the semester snuck up on me so fast! This semester has been a crazy ride with so many amazing events that were both firsts and lasts for our seniors, including myself. Speaking of lasts, this is my last blog here at Student Activities, and I’ll be honest, guys, I’m kind of emo about it. This year was so incredibly sweet, but it went by so incredibly fast, and I don’t feel quite ready to say goodbye.

Something I’ve been asking myself and my friends all semester is, “Why did no one tell us? Why did no one tell us how hard this was going to be?” because this is hard. Saying goodbye to a place that you have grown to know and love calling home and people that have become like family, that’s hard. What I have realized is that the seniors that went before us felt the exact same way, but just like us, they were trying to process and grieve the end of a season, and that didn’t leave a lot of space or time to give helpful tips and tricks to those who would come after them. And you know what? That is SO VALID! Lucky for you guys, I process my emotions better when writing about them. Before you close this blog, thinking it’s just going to be some random senior’s diary entry, my intentions are not for this to be a place for me to unload my feelings to all of Liberty University. I have a kind and gracious God who is a much better listener. My goal for this blog is to make space for those who will be leaving Liberty in a few short weeks to know that they are not alone and to give some advice on how to soak in the end of this sweet season. SO BUCKLE UP! This is going to get senti!

As we all know by now, senior year is exceptionally bittersweet. If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent your last year of college trying to do everything one last time and enjoy each moment without being sad the entire time. Going to your last basketball game, campus community, hockey game, spring game, convo, formal, and the list can go on forever. If you haven’t taken the time to enjoy this season of lasts, it’s not too late! Make as many plans as possible with your people and do it! Have one last trip to the beach, Washington D.C., THE BEACH, Hydaway, or Cole Mountain. Would you like for me to keep going? I can make this list go on FOREVER! If you can’t think of what to do with your friends, come to After Party this Saturday at 5:00 PM. You can be together, get some good food and listen to good music.

The biggest advice I can give is to be with your people and enjoy all the lasts. I know it’s easy to coast through the last few weeks. You’re tired, and you have senioritis so bad that it should be diagnosed condition at this point, but I’m telling you, you will look back and regret not taking the time to enjoy these moments. I know you’re probably shaking your head saying, “I just want these last few weeks to be normal. I don’t want to be sad the entire time.” Welp, I have good news for you! Just because you’re sad in the middle of something doesn’t mean joy can’t be present. Jesus makes us strong enough to do hard things and be joyful, so why do you think He wouldn’t allow you to be joyful in the midst of a season like this?! STOP MAKING EXCUSES! GET UP AND ENJOY THESE MOMENTS! For those of you saying, “Well, I have so much homework, and I have exams and I have xyzabcdefg” go do your homework with your friends! Go sit on the lawn and read your textbook! BE WITH YOUR PEOPLE, AND DON’T MISS THESE MOMENTS!

AND FOR ALL YOU FRESHIES! Here’s my advice – DON’T WISH AWAY YOUR TIME HERE! It’s really easy to be a freshman and to wish for it to be senior year, but coming from experience, one day you wake up, and you’re a freshman, then the next day you wake up and it’s two weeks before your graduation. Soak in every moment! GO TO CLASS! Our professors are so knowledgeable and so wise. Listen and learn from them. GO MAKE NEW FRIENDS! Try all of the things and meet all of the people you can, and invest well in the people you want in your life forever.

So as I close out my final blog here at Student Activities, I want give you all the only true wisdom that I possess that is worth sharing. This season is hard, and it’s sad. This is the time for us to grieve, but just know that those who grieve will dance when they are in Jesus. So, my piece of wisdom is this, Jesus is our greatest comforter and friend. Lean into Him. If you’re mad, tell Him your mad. If you’re happy, tell Him you’re happy. If you’re sad, tell Him you’re sad. Do you see the theme? He wants to hear from you because He loves you. So talk to Him. His hand is on those who love Him, and the bones that He has broken will rejoice! PRAISE JESUS!


Written by Elisabeth Hardy

Elisabeth is a Psychology Counseling major with minors in Biblical Studies and Youth Ministry. She is passionate about using opportunities to show the creativity of God and His presence! She loves writing for the blog as a way to express herself and be creative about things that are fun and relevant.