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SA Seniors

May 9, 2019

Kate Dolan
When I first came to Liberty I had about 4 different majors within my first two years. I started as a Cinematic Arts major and eventually landed on Business Administration: Communication after some major freshman year soul searching. After I graduate this spring, I will have the pleasure of working for Salesforce as a Success Graduate Customer Success Manager. Salesforce is a customer success platform that delivers the world’s #1 CRM which helps companies connect with their customers in a whole new way. Salesforce has been named by Forbes as one of the “World’s Most Innovative Company” 5 years running and one of Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” for the past 8 years. I will spend 6 months being trained in Indianapolis with 20 other recent graduates and then I will be transferred to my permanent office in Chicago, my hometown. The company has a corporate culture that is centered around their “Ohana”, which is the Hawaiian word for family. This Ohana encompasses everything from their employees to their customers to their partners and communities, all working together to make the world a better place. I am so excited to have an opportunity to work for an awesome company and I have all my amazing experience at Liberty and my job at Student Activities to thank for it.One thing I wish someone would have told me freshman year when I came to LU is that I wouldn’t meet all my friends my first day on campus. Over the years I have met so many amazing people. Even as a senior I am still meeting awesome people and making friends that I will keep for a lifetime. It’s easy to get discouraged if you don’t meet your best friends immediately. It may seem as if everyone is having a better time at school than you are. They aren’t. Just trust me on that one. Every new experience, new hall, and in my case new job (shout out to Student Activities) will allow you to meet more and more incredible people. Student Activities has helped me to see that this campus is so much more beautiful and diverse than I could have ever imagined. Working events like Open Mic Night, a personal favorite of mine, and hearing all the talents of our diverse student body on display has shown me that Liberty is full of passionate students coming from all different backgrounds. While I am sad to leave Liberty, Lynchburg, and all the amazing people I have met here, I leave this place also feeling excited and prepared for my next chapter of life knowing I always have a home away from home in Virginia.

Jeremy Boyd
My name is Jeremy Boyd, and I am majoring in Business Administration: Project Management. As of right now, I will be working in the food business for a little while after graduation in May. I am currently still applying for jobs. I wish I knew that life was not all about money. I came in as a mechanical engineering student for my freshman year and I completely hated it. Obviously, this field was not for me, but money was on my mind. As my relationship with God grew stronger, I chose a major that I was truly passionate about and I knew I could be a great business person with strong integrity and a Christian ethic background. Student Activities has truly changed the way I view culture. I realized the past two years that students and the public will come to events that they have no background information on. These people truly want to interact with other students to get to know them and build relationships. Student Activities really showed me what it is like to offer amazing events to students that truly foster culture and create community.

Ben Johnson
My major is Business Administration: Finance. After I graduate, I will be going to Scotland to work with my dad with his investment company, then coming back to Lynchburg to get my MBA at Liberty. My advice to students is to do your best to figure out the resources you have available to you, and try to use as many as you can. College will fly by, and you will wish you met with more teachers, built more relationships, or attended more events. Know what is available and try to best use your resources. The teachers and professors are there to help you succeed. SA really shaped my view on culture by learning from other people’s point of view. Before college, I never really thought about how different people’s upbringings could be, but you’re exposed to many different types of people and cultures from all around the world. This shows how people’s personalities can be so different, but still so beautiful because they’re all made in the image of God.

Trae Christian
My major is Strategic Communication: Social Media Management. After I graduate in May I’ll be getting my Master’s in Strategic Communication here at Liberty. One thing that I wish I knew when I first came to Liberty was to just go ahead and change my major. When I first got to Liberty, I was a Pre-Law major, but I always considered changing my major to something that would allow me to be creative. I ended up switching during my junior year and I’m glad it happened then because I was able to make some great friends. Another thing that I wish I knew was to prepare myself as much as possible for my future career outside of the classroom by applying to more internships, reading more books, and utilizing the Career Center’s services more. Working for Student Activities has helped me be more mindful that everyone comes from different backgrounds, so we are all going to have different interests and values. These differences are part of what makes us unique.

Madison Fogarty
I am graduating this year with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design.  After graduation, I will be staying at Liberty to complete my Master of Fine Arts degree in graphic design. One thing that I wish I would’ve known about before coming to Liberty is the opportunities that are given to us here. For example, between Student Activities and Outdoor Rec, there are an endless amount of trips that we are able to go on. From white water rafting to camping on the beach and even visiting D.C. for a day there are so many opportunities for adventure that I wish I would have known about and taken more advantage of! SA has shaped the way I view culture by challenging me to think about tough topics through the blog. This year has been really great as the posts have been culturally relevant but also refreshingly honest. The whole SA team has done a great job providing stories that people can truly relate to. It has been an absolute pleasure working for Student Activities this past year and I am so grateful to have had this opportunity.