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SA Previews: Valentine’s Movie Night

February 5, 2021

February is a time for love. As Valentine’s Day approaches quickly, couples are wondering how to celebrate, singles are googling how to be happy on their own, and some people just want something fun to do with friends. Whatever your situation, we have something for you!

It may be 2021, but the trends of the nineties are stronger than ever. Scrunchies, tiny purses, and baggy clothes are all iconic staples of the time. What’s even more iconic? A cult-classic rom-com. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, there is no better way to celebrate than by joining us for a showing of Clueless. Follow Cher on her totally buggin’ yellow plaid journey to love starting at 7pm.

If the thought of watching a teenager fall in love makes you think, “Ugh! As if!” no worries. At 9pm, you can revel in the heartbreak of Laurie and Jo during 2019’s Little Women. Trading the 1990s for the 1860s, you will get to experience all the highs and lows of The March Family. The movie follows four sisters and their relationships with the world around them, their love interests, and most importantly each other.

It is a night that will be filled with nostalgia, sweet stories, and – for those of us who are masochists – heartbreak. We would love to see you at our Valentine’s Movie Night on Friday, February 12 at 7 p.m. in the LaHaye Event Space.


Written by: Anna Pender

Anna is a Senior Strategic Communications major. She is thankful to have the opportunity to write for the blog because it gives her a chance to explore and write about topics and events that she is passionate about and that are relevant to the world. She loves getting to be creative and share her personality through writing.