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Review: Christmas Coffeehouse

December 9, 2016

December 3rd was a day that will go down in Christmas Coffeehouse history as one of the best. Attendees of the show cannot deny that there was a vast amount of talent displayed; from bands to dancers to skilled videographers, the audience was entertained for two straight hours that night. After a show such as this, we believe that it is important to reflect on why this event was one of our most important.

Coffeehouse is not just a place where people can perform – it’s a place where community is grown and talent is shared. Standing side-stage before and during the show was when I realized the camaraderie that exists between acts. When one act would come down from the stage, the other acts that were around would congratulate them for a job well done. When acts were about to go on stage, they would circle up and pray for each other. Of course, these small kindnesses among acts are reflections on our University as a whole. Coffeehouse is a time where encouragement and excitement for others isn’t put on the backburner, and this creates the Liberty community that we all know and love.

The event in itself wouldn’t exist without the Student Activities staff, who work so hard to put everything they can into making the show look and feel like exactly what we need to propel us into Christmas. The decorations on the concourse alone take months to design and build so that we can give you the opportunity to take fabulous photo-ops. The acts that are included are judged by our SA staff before being submitted to be judged by our full time staff. Our event staff/supervisors put in so much time behind the scenes in order to make Coffeehouse what it is every semester – nothing short of an exhilarating and memorable experience.

Christmas Coffeehouse is special because you can count on it every year to send you into finals feeling like you’ve been a part of something important. Entertainment is something that we care deeply for here at Student Activities, and we know that showcasing the talent here on campus is the best way to entertain. So now, we look forward to the 2000’s Spring Coffeehouse experience with high hopes – we want to see you there!