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Q Union

November 10, 2017

A couple weeks ago, we had the honor of hosting Q-Union. Q-Union, in short, is an event that incorporates simulcast national speakers, live local speakers and group discussion concerning the culture around us. Q-Union prides itself on being “a one night event giving guidance and inspiration for how to engage society’s most difficult conversations”. Liberty was proud to be one of 20 colleges across the country to host the Q-Union conversation, which included topics such as technology, community, faith and more.

We recorded our three student speakers’ lectures as well as a critical thinking Q&A session, led by the Executive Director for the Center for Apologetics and Cultural Engagement, Dr. Chatraw. You can watch them below, and for more information on Q-Union, visit their website.

Kevin Richards, School of Divinity, PhD student

Kevin is married to his awesome wife of 4 yrs, Nicole. He is from Lynchburg, VA. He played football for Liberty in undergrad. His current research pursuits involve comparative eschatology and ethics.

Maria Kometer, 
Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Masters student

Maria is a Graduate Student Assistant for the Center for Apologetics and Cultural Engagement, and she hopes to work in Mental Health in some capacity.  Current research pursuits include psychoeducation, postpartum and prenatal Mental Health, and the physiological implications of child abuse.

Jack Carson, 
School of Divinity, Graduate student

Jack pursuing ministerial education, and his research interests include ecclesial relationships with culture, how our understanding of Scripture’s inspiration influence our hermeneutics, and the influence Christian redemptive theology should have on the ethos  of  Christian para-church organizations.

Q&A led by Dr. Chatraw