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Preview: RED

October 11, 2018

Written By: Kate Dolan

RED is an American rock band that originated in the one and only Music City, U.S.A, This band not only known for their hard rock bordering on metal style, but also their overt Christian influences. RED was founded in 2002 by brothers Anthony and Randy Armstrong and their friend and lead vocalist Michael Barnes. Over the years the band has seen other members come and go but this core trio has carried their music to the present. This group landed their first record deal in 2004 and has released six albums since, the most recent being released in 2017. RED has received countless recognition from both Christian and secular music circles. In addition to their six dove awards, RED was also Grammy Nominated in 2006 for their album “End of Silence”.

Though RED does not necessarily write songs meant for a worship service, the music nonetheless carries deep messages. One of those messages is even in the band’s name itself, RED, symbolizing the blood of Christ. With over 24 million Spotify listens to their most popular song “Breathe Into Me” it is obvious that they have a different kind of reach than many Christian artist. Much of their music speaks hope into a genre that can tend to be pretty dark in nature.

There are not many people that have been able to capture both a hard rock crowd while simultaneously appealing to Christian listeners, but RED has done just that. They took a genre basically untouched by Christians and made a name for themselves. They have been known to take musical inspiration from bands like Slipknot. RED’s guitarist Anthony Armstrong defended this saying “people ask us, ‘Why do you like these bands that that is kind of just outright evil?’ and we’re just like ‘What?’ It just all comes down to the music, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we agree with the content of what they are saying or whatever.” It is obvious this band is all about the music, labeled by many as a group that is “tirelessly touring” but it does not seem as if RED is going to let up any time soon. Even after over a decade making music and sharing it with the world this band continues to churn out amazing rock music with their own unique flair.

Do not miss out on your opportunity to rock out with RED on November 9th at 7:30 in the Lahaye Event Space.