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Inception is Nolan’s Masterpiece

October 20, 2023

As of right now, most people know who Christopher Nolan is. With a dozen movies under his belt, he has become a household name in the industry and his films draw the attention of both movie buffs and critics. While you can find countless lists of Nolan’s movies ranked, I am baffled that Inception is not ranked number one in most of them. It is time we start recognizing Inception for what it is, not only Nolan’s best film but his Magnum Opus. I know that everyone has their own opinions, which I respect, but I am still going to try and convince you that my opinion is the right one.

Inception is an incredibly inventive movie. In a sea of remakes and reboots, Inception is not only a breath of fresh air but a vital oxygen boost to an industry that is suffocating under the weight of its own lack of imagination. I am not saying that remakes are bad, but I feel like it is an insult to the viewer’s intelligence when movies are the same rehashed formula over and over with little plot variation. (I am looking at you MCU.) Inception came out in 2010 and it still boasts one of the most compelling and creative plots to date. Without giving too much away, this movie follows a thief who steals secrets from people’s minds by entering their subconscious dreams. Not only is this plot incredibly creative but it also lends limitless possibilities to the writers. As the plot unfolds you are launched into a mind-bending journey that has you questioning the difference between reality and dream.

The cast and writing in Inception were incredible. Not only because it was a star-studded cast, but each character performed their role perfectly. One of the most important aspects of the cast is that they were written and acted in such a way that every character we were introduced to felt important. A lot of movies write characters just so they can move the plot along or even worse, simply explain the plot to an audience who would much rather just see it play out. Also, movies try to force an audience to love a character who just does not feel important to the story at all. Inception not only dodges these pitfalls but creates a cast that feels genuine and makes the audience care about them. As the story unfolds, you can enjoy each character’s journey because they all feel important and worthy of your time. The journey of each character comes together to form an unforgettable ending that has made this movie live long after it was released.

Now if you have read this far you either agree with me or you are plotting the perfect comeback by reading for all of my flawed arguments. Fair.  But let me give you one more reason. Inception is the quintessential Christopher Nolan movie. It has every Nolan trope, but they are all done so perfectly. You have the grand plot that messes with time and reality and while this plot seeks to be complex, you can still follow it and understand what is going on in a single watch. (I am looking at you, Tenet.) You have the loud sounds and score which I don’t think are an annoyance in Inception but help elevate the story. You have the practical effects that Nolan loves and come on, the hotel hallway fight scene is worth the price of admission alone. All of Nolan’s movies weave similar threads together and Inception does it so beautifully that if anyone has never seen a Christopher Nolan movie, Inception should be the first one they watch.

If you don’t agree with me but have not seen the movie in a while or have never seen it, you’re in luck! Student Activities will be showing Inception and Interstellar ( I have a lot of thoughts on that movie too) on Saturday, October 21st in the Vines Center starting at 7:00 p.m. Come on out to see Christopher Nolan’s movies how they are meant to be viewed, on the big screen.


Written by Jordan Kreitzinger

Jordan is the Assistant Director of Student Activities.