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How to Fill the Void of No Live Sports

March 30, 2020

2020; what a time to be alive. As everybody knows and is tired of talking about, life seems like it is on a temporary break, and one of the things that we miss the most is live sports. With this temporary loss, many people seem to have no idea how to fill this void. Here are a few fun options that will hopefully get you your sport fix for the day.

An easy first option is that ESPN is showing so many highlights and re-runs of classic games and matches. Now you can sit back and watch Game 7 of the ‘16 NBA Finals between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors and re-live the greatest comeback in NBA history. Or, for you baseball fans, you can re-live the ‘04 American League Championship Series between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. If you don’t know what happens in either of those, then my goodness you are in for a treat. For those of you that don’t want to watch the reruns, you can grab some popcorn and snacks and play an ESPN 30 for 30. They have popular documentaries about sports, the internal drama, and everything in between. What more could you want?

The next option to fill your time may not be what pops into your head when you think of sports, but it is still a valid option, nonetheless: Esports. Online gaming has done nothing but grow during this time so I would encourage you to check out some of their tournaments and give something new a try! Now is the perfect time to grab your controller and headset, throw in some Madden, and get online and play with some friends, or even go make friends online! Maybe this will inspire you to check out your schools local Esports team or even play as your favorite team in an online sports game. This is your chance to get that elusive championship that your team might be struggling to get in real life (RIP to any chance of my Oklahoma City Thunder getting a championship).

All of these are good options to watch or do indoors, but nothing comes close to actually playing a sport. So the last thing we can do to fill the void is make good use of this time and weather and get outside (taking safety into consideration)! Practice social distancing and throw a baseball or football around with your family or a small group of friends. Find a field and kick a soccer ball around. There are plenty of tennis courts in a city, so get out with a friend and learn how to play! Maybe go for a run or do some cardio exercises outside. Now is the time to get in shape for those upcoming intramurals in August. If you want that Broomball Intramural Championship shirt, you have to put in the work now!

I hope some of these options help you. If nothing else, keep in mind that sports still exist! There is a lot to look forward to and there is still quite a bit going on with trades and team drama (ex. Tom Brady to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers).Take everything day by day and before you know it, we will all be back to cheering on our favorite teams to a victory!

Written by: Josiah Frisbie

Josiah enjoys writing for the blog because he believes in the power of discussing relevant topics. He wants to be challenged in his writing and research style while still growing and striving for knowledge.