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Five Questions with Young Oceans

September 12, 2017

We caught up with one of Young Oceans’ band members/songwriters, Eric James Marshall, and asked him a few questions about the band, their future, and their favorite memories. Read our interview below!

Where did your band start out making music?

We were all involved in various bands and projects in New York and came together to record a collection of songs that I had originally written for our church.  It had no name, no plan.  We just wanted to create something that we might want to lay on the floor and listen to.

What does the name “Young Oceans” signify?

I’m not always sure.  I think its meant to be a paradox, or something unknowable to us.   When was it that our oceans were fresh and new?  Who can say. It’s also a reference to our history and our future… There’s a translation of Psalm 103 that reads, “you’re always young in His presence.”  I love that.

What has been the most exciting project for your band to date?

The most exciting thing is always the thing we’re currently immersed in.  It’s a privilege to create art like this. We don’t take it lightly. Right now, we’re fighting to get a concept record out there that humbly distills the mystery and the action of partaking in the Lord’s Supper.

What are you most looking forward to in the future when it comes to the direction your band is going?

We’re excited to get in front of people and perform this music. We’ve not played live at all the last 5 years. Don’t know why exactly. But now feels right.

If your band could open for any other band/artist, who would it be?

Neil Young circa 1992.