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SA Previews: Tenth Avenue North

September 2, 2019

Tenth Avenue North, a Christian contemporary band, will be performing at Liberty on September 27 at 7:30 p.m. The band got their start in the early 2000’s in West Palm Beach, Florida. In their beginning days, they played cafes and local student conventions and opened for rising Christian singer, Katy Hudson (now known as pop icon Katy Perry).

After making three independent albums, they released their first record label album in 2008, Over and Underneath. In 2009, they won “New Artist of the Year” at the Christian Music Dove Awards, and in 2010, “By Your Side” was named song of the year. With the release of their next two albums, The Light Meets the Dark and The Struggle, the band gained even more momentum.

Their blend of a rock and pop styles seek to bring light to unpopular and not-often-talked-about issues within the church, such as addiction, abuse, lust, and other many other topics. Lead singer Mike Donehey has been in the band since its conception, with other members joining and leaving through the years. They recently came out with their ninth album, “No Shame,” and will begin their No Shame Tour this October. Purchase your tickets to see them in concert here!





Written by: Jonah Sheridan

Jonah is a Junior Forensic Science Major with a minor in Psychology and enjoys the opportunity to be creative with his writing on the blog.


SA Previews: Andy Mineo

August 22, 2019

Andy Mineo, an American hip hop artist who displays self-reflection and vulnerability to connect with his listeners, will be performing at Liberty on September 13 at 7:30pm. The 31-year-old Christian rapper has been making music since 2009 when he dropped Sin Is Wack Vol. 1. Ever since, Andy Mineo has produced a multitude of records making it to the Billboard charts as well as selling out on tours in the United States and Europe.

After moving to New York City, he accepted and began following Jesus Christ and restarted his career, going a new direction. Andy Mineo has used his platform to reach others and empathize with them using his musical gifts. This can be evidently seen in his two-part series I: The Arrow and 2: The Sword. In “Anxiety” from I: The Arrow, he discusses the effects of anxiety and uses imagery that listeners can clearly understand. Andy Mineo’s music is more than just a catchy beat with fun and exciting choruses and hooks. He uses his music to spread God’s truth and the Gospel.

Work In Progress, his newest album, is expected to release on August 23, 2019. And from the couple songs that have been released, “I DON’T NEED YOU (DEMO.)wav” and “Anything But Country (break beat_no trap version).mp3”, we can expect more songs that have unique beats and thought-provoking lyrics. Purchase your tickets for Andy Mineo now!





Written by: Andrew Reynolds

Andrew is a Senior Project Management Major, and enjoys writing for the blog because of the opportunity it gives him to grow as a writer and to challenge himself to see current topics and discussions from a view point he may not have otherwise thought about.

SA Spring Concert Recap

May 8, 2019

Spring 2019. A semester that seems to have flown by twice as fast as it did in the fall. This semester was especially loaded with multiple concerts that already seem like they took place a year ago! Student Activities offers such a wide variety of concerts, and there is always something for everybody to be looking forward to.

Shortly after the start of this semester, we were treated to Drew and Ellie Holcomb on February 8. The husband and wife duo took turns sharing the stage before uniting near the end to bring their show home. Coming off of a Christmas break where many were at home with their families, this show was the perfect way to kick off the semester simply because of the feelings of unity and family that Drew and Ellie communicated. They made us feel comfortable and at home just by watching them do what they love together. This warm blend of indie, folk, and worship was the perfect way to kick off the spring concerts.

On February 23, Bethel Music came and brought in yet another husband and wife duo. Except this time, it was a little bit different. Brian and Jenn Johnson came and performed a night full of worship. There was no opener for the concert; it was simply these two co-founders of Bethel Music who led us in praise to our God, while still showing their love for what they do. It was a wonderful experience because in addition to the music, we got to hear from Brian and Jenn directly as they spoke about their testimonies and how Bethel has come about. This was a beautiful night where we were not only entertained, but were able to spend time in worship as well.

Moving into March, the Gray Havens performed as a part of our Every Square Inch Conference. The Conference was a weekend of learning from Trevin Wax about culture, identity and Christianity, and there was no better way to wrap it up than having the Gray Havens perform. The duo was preceded by openers Gray, a Liberty student, and Chris Renzema, an important name in singer/songwriter music. The couple even stayed after the show to answer a Q&A on stage, where the audience learned more about their story.

Josh Garrels wrapped up the March lineup of concerts, and his was definitely one to remember. Ask anybody who was at the March 22nd concert and they will all agree that Josh has one of the most unique voices around. In order to match his unique voice, he showed off a personality that is also unique to the music industry. This was made evident when he chose to stay after and talk with anybody who desired to meet him. In a time when big name artists are charging hundreds of dollars for meet-and-greet passes, Josh elected to take the time to meet everybody, which says a lot about his character and is reflective of his wide variety of music.

The most recent big-name concert of the semester was Tori Kelly on April 6. She has one of the purest voices in the industry right now and that was made evident during her concert. Those who came really got their money’s worth of entertainment as well as the length of the show. On her acoustic tour, it was just Tori and her guitarist up on stage. The two of them made the arena sound like it was filled with 20 people on stage. This experience was surely one to remember.

Our final show of the spring was Tyson Motsenbocker, opened by Cole Loomis. This free show in the LaHaye Event Space was intimate and special for those who came and love Tyson and Cole. It was Tyson’s birthday, and he said to the audience that they made his birthday great. We were so glad we could be a part of his special day. Tyson and Cole were such a great way to close out an awesome semester!

Check out our social media for concerts that will be happening this fall – see you there!

Written by: Josiah Frisbie

Josiah enjoys writing for the blog because he believes in the power of discussing relevant topics. He wants to be challenged in his writing and research style while still growing and striving for knowledge.

SA Previews: Tori Kelly

March 22, 2019

Tori Kelly, recognized off stage as Victoria Loren Kelly, has been singing her own songs since she can remember. Kelly grew up in a music-driven home in Southern California with the dream of one day “making it” in the music industry. While her parents inspired her style, her career ultimately launched as a result of her self-driven efforts. Kelly is generally recognized for her many viral Vine and YouTube covers in which she gained recognition from artists like Justin Bieber. However, her independent EP Handmade Songs by Tori Kelly was an experiment that led to the onset of her music career.

Kelly’s most recent album, Hiding Place, was a collaborative piece in which she was afforded the opportunity to work alongside one of her very own music inspirations, Kirk Franklin. This album showcases Kelly’s gospel roots with a variety of songs centered around the Christian values that she continues to carry with her through the fame of today. In turn, this album has received two Grammy Awards for Best Gospel Album and Best Gospel Performance/Song.

We are so excited to host Tori Kelly in Vines on April 6th! Join us then as we sing our hearts out to some of her greatest hits. You don’t want to miss it!





Written by: Naomi Bower

Naomi is an avid coffee drinker and google calendar enthusiast from Arizona who spends most of her time outside, exploring new places. She enjoys writing for the blog because it forces her to remain educated on current events happening in our culture today. Naomi is especially passionate about bringing awareness to issues such as women’s rights and diet culture.

SA Previews: Josh Garrels

February 14, 2019

Josh Garrels is a multi-genre, self-produced musical artist who, through only seven albums and a few EPs, has developed a respectable and musically significant career. The Indiana native has scores of fans from all across the country and globe. With close to 850,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and a myriad of songs reaching the seven digit listen total (with “Born Again” from his album Home being his sole song that has reached the mark of eight digits in total listens on Spotify), Garrels’ passionate sound has developed him a faithful music-loving fanbase. The Small Voice Records founder has been seen across many genres as he has dabbled in not only indie music, but hip-hop, rap, folk, and Christian music as well. Appearing in songs by John Mark McMillan, Andy Mineo, Mason Jar Music, Beautiful Eulogy and more, Garrels has been a well-sought after featured voice for years.

Garrels has one of the most distinguishable and recognizable voices in not only the Christian music world, but even in the mainstream music world as well. The only artist that comes to mind as having a similar deep, raspy nature to their voice is George Ezra, but Garrels displays a wider range of vocals, with his soulful falsetto being the main weapon in his repertoire. Pairing his unique voice with his strong but peace-of-mind guitar playing makes listeners feel like their headphones have turned into Heaven’s outer radio frequencies.

Few artists have the ability to make you feel like you have just read a really good book like Garrels does; his music is not only a muse but a journey. In his song “Ulysses”, Garrels takes listeners into Homer’s The Odyssey and Herbert James Draper’s portrait “Ulysses and the Sirens” as he describes fighting pretty temptations that the world offers that will ultimately leave him hurting as he strives to return home to the one he loves. Adding to the variety of his music, Garrels took the lyrics of the 1911 Southern Gospel hit partially written by Reverent W. A. Fletcher “Farther Along” and modernized them, adding a whole new theatrical flair to the tune, which, thanks to the revitalization by Garrels, has become the anthem for many in a generation much different from the one found in the 1910s. “Farther Along” proves all the more that Garrels possesses a timeless sound that is sure to be appreciated for years and generations to come. Josh Garrels offers concert-goers an adventure through love, human struggle, faith and more with a variety of sounds that are pleasing to both the ear and the soul.

Don’t let anything, not Love or War or the Sea in Between or anything else keep you from getting to the School of Music’s Concert Hall on March 22. We’ll see you there!

Written by: Landen Swain

Landen believes the human experience longs to be expressed; through our art, our labor, our songs, our storytelling. As a published playwright, author, and poet, he enjoys expressing his little chapter of the human experience through his writings and is thankful that the SA blog allows him to do that. He is published in numerous magazines, literary journals, and has several plays published by Off the Wall Plays, an online play publishing house.

SA Previews: Oceanic & Rhineland

February 1, 2019

We’re so excited for our first Student Concert of the spring semester! We interviewed the openers Oceanic and Rhineland to learn more about them. Each band has a distinct indie sound ranging from dreamy to alternative. Below, we asked each band some questions to help you get to know them better.

When did your band start out making music? 

Oceanic: Our band started when Jacob and I first met on our dorm in 2016. We recorded horrible demos and wrote songs together for quite a while! Our first show was a Liberty SA Open Mic.

Rhineland: We started making music at the beginning of 2018 when we all came together to play at a fundraiser show.

What does your band name signify?

Oceanic: “Oceanic” is a word we love, and we love the metaphoric significance of the ocean in general. We love our music to be expansive, deep, and full of surprises.

What has been the most exciting project for you?

Oceanic: The most exciting project we’ve completed is our song called Party Song. It was our first single, so spirits were high when we were in the studio recording it. The most exciting project we have NOT yet completed is our full length debut album that comes out later this year.

Rhineland: The most exciting project has been traveling to Nashville in October with the band to record our first single “We Go Down” with producer Kyle Cummings. We learned so much about the recording process and had the opportunity to get creative in the studio to make the song really special.

What are you looking forward to in the future when it comes to the direction of your band?

Oceanic: I’m most looking forward to improving as a band. We work hard at making better and better music, and performing more and more passionately at shows. It’s exciting to think about how that’ll play out in the future.

Rhineland: Right now, our goal is to go on tour as a supporting act for a bigger band and to release an EP in the near future. It’s hard to say for sure where Rhineland will go but we all dream of doing this full time someday.

When you’re not performing or writing, what are you doing?

Oceanic: For me personally, my pastime is songwriting. I’m constantly creating something new, or refining our existing projects. I love that so much more than Netflix so that’s my main muse. If I’m not writing, though, I’m spending time with people. I love people.

Rhineland: We like to hang out with our friends and grab food, as much as we can afford to!

What is the best show experience you’ve ever had?

Oceanic: The best show experience we’ve had is a toss up between a house show last year (that we actually played with Rhineland and ANX), and Lynchstock Music Festival 2018. Both were incredible shows for different reasons.

Rhineland: Our best show experience was definitely opening for The WLDLFE at Speakertree a few months ago. So many people came out to the show and it was really high-energy. We were also fans of The WLDLFE before the show so it was a cool opportunity to meet the band and play with them.

If your band could open for any artist/band, who would it be?

Oceanic: I would open for Coldplay, The 1975, or WALK THE MOON. I would die if I met them.

Rhineland: We all would like to open for a band like Hippocampus or COIN someday, but if we’re talking big dreams, then a band like The 1975 or Coldplay would be insane.


We can’t wait for you to experience the energy of Oceanic and Rhineland on February 5th at 8pm in the LaHaye Event Space with ANX! This is a free show – see you there!

Written by: Kay Torres

Kay believes the Student Activities blog is an awesome way to engage the student body beyond events. She feels lucky to get to be a part of a team that cares about engaging different perspectives and the world we live in!

SA Previews: Bethel Music

January 31, 2019

From Bethel Church in Redding, California, Bethel Music is an American worship group, record label, and publishing company that has been producing music since 2001. They are composed of a core 16 artist collective that feature popular Christian artists such as Brian Johnson, Jenn Johnson, Cory Asbury, and many more. With such a diversity of artists, Bethel Music has been able to reach millions of lives by spreading the Gospel and uniting people in worship.

We are excited to welcome Brian and Jenn Johnson, co-founders of Bethel Music, to Liberty for a night of worship. They have been an integral part to building not only Bethel Music but also a culture of worship that has globally united people in faith in Jesus Christ. Brian and Jenn have been creating solo music since 2006. Their latest album “After All These Years,” which released in January 2017, features a powerful symphony orchestra alongside Brian and Jenn. Brian has cultivated a worship atmosphere with songs like “Have It All” and “One Thing Remains.” Jenn’s powerful voice can be heard in songs she has written, such as “In Over My Head” and “God I Look To You.” Together, Brian and Jenn’s faith and remarkable talent have created beautiful songs of worship that glorify God.

Brian and Jenn’s genuine spirit, vulnerability, and passion for Christ are evident when they lead worship, whether in their home, community, or around the globe. On February 23, you will have the chance to experience the worship Brian and Jenn cultivate as vessels for others to see the glory of God.

Written by: Andrew Reynolds

Andrew is a Junior studying Project Management. He enjoys writing for the blog because of the opportunity it gives him to grow as a writer, and to challenge himself to see current topics and discussions from a view point he may not have otherwise thought about.

Americana Meets Worship: Preview of Drew and Ellie Holcomb

January 23, 2019

Based out of East Nashville, duo Drew and Ellie Holcomb are two artists known for their solo music (Drew being the Americana half and Ellie focusing more on worship), but many people may not know how beautiful their music is together. The married couple creates roots-inspired music that will make you want to kick off your shoes and dance to the rhythmic sounds. Both Drew and Ellie have performed at Liberty University, but for the first time, we get to experience them together.

The duo released their You + Me album in 2018 and just released their Electricity album on January 11th. Drew and Ellie were inspired to create new music after touring together last year, and you won’t be disappointed listening to their soulful new tunes. The album has three songs written about love, pain and living on the road. Each song was created with an intentional story that reflects an aspect of their lives. Love Anyway, the first song on the Electricity album, shares experiences about one of their friends that works in the war zones of Iraq and Syria.[1] Next on the album is Electricity, a smooth love song that describes the love Drew and Ellie share with each other. My personal favorite is Drew and Ellie’s rendition of On the Road Again by Willie Nelson.1 This album will give you a glimpse into their life as two traveling musicians in love.

Drew and Ellie’s music will make you want to dance to their folk-inspired sound while also feeling like you are sitting in their living room. On February 8th, you will have the chance to experience the duo in one of the most intimate music venues on campus. Also, make sure you check out Drew’s vinyl subscription called Magnolia Record Club where you get a hand-picked vinyl every month.


[1] https://www.drewholcomb.com/news/2019/1/11/electricity-new-music-from-drew-amp-ellie-holcomb

[2] https://www.magnoliarecord.club/ 

Written By: Marissa Kusayanagi

Marissa is a Southern California girl that loves spending time in the sun and talking about the injustices in the world. Her passions include: fighting for women’s rights, serving people in underdeveloped countries and travelling the world. She hopes that the blogs she writes will teach you something new or open your mind to a world that you have never experienced.

Preview: RED

October 11, 2018

Written By: Kate Dolan

RED is an American rock band that originated in the one and only Music City, U.S.A, This band not only known for their hard rock bordering on metal style, but also their overt Christian influences. RED was founded in 2002 by brothers Anthony and Randy Armstrong and their friend and lead vocalist Michael Barnes. Over the years the band has seen other members come and go but this core trio has carried their music to the present. This group landed their first record deal in 2004 and has released six albums since, the most recent being released in 2017. RED has received countless recognition from both Christian and secular music circles. In addition to their six dove awards, RED was also Grammy Nominated in 2006 for their album “End of Silence”.

Though RED does not necessarily write songs meant for a worship service, the music nonetheless carries deep messages. One of those messages is even in the band’s name itself, RED, symbolizing the blood of Christ. With over 24 million Spotify listens to their most popular song “Breathe Into Me” it is obvious that they have a different kind of reach than many Christian artist. Much of their music speaks hope into a genre that can tend to be pretty dark in nature.

There are not many people that have been able to capture both a hard rock crowd while simultaneously appealing to Christian listeners, but RED has done just that. They took a genre basically untouched by Christians and made a name for themselves. They have been known to take musical inspiration from bands like Slipknot. RED’s guitarist Anthony Armstrong defended this saying “people ask us, ‘Why do you like these bands that that is kind of just outright evil?’ and we’re just like ‘What?’ It just all comes down to the music, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we agree with the content of what they are saying or whatever.” It is obvious this band is all about the music, labeled by many as a group that is “tirelessly touring” but it does not seem as if RED is going to let up any time soon. Even after over a decade making music and sharing it with the world this band continues to churn out amazing rock music with their own unique flair.

Do not miss out on your opportunity to rock out with RED on November 9th at 7:30 in the Lahaye Event Space.

Fall Student Concert Preview!

September 25, 2018

This semester we have an incredible lineup of Student Concerts. From the rock and roll feel of The Bergerons to the acoustic worship of Hope Cross to the edgy vocals of Julia Rothenberger, we’re so excited to provide these free shows to the student body. Below, we asked the students themselves some questions to help you get to know them better.

Joshua Sosin, lead singer of The Bergerons – 9/25

When did you get started in music?

I remember beatboxing in the car as a little kid and pretending a hockey stick was a guitar (typical Michigan kid). It wasn’t until I was in middle school that I started taking piano, my first instrument, seriously.

Are you a songwriter?

I’d say I’m a writer and sometimes songs spontaneously generate themselves out of that. I don’t really know where the songs come from, though.

Is there a musician that you look at and hope to model your career after?

Hmmmm. I’m definitely inspired by Paul Simon; he’s spanned genres and generations and is now basically a bard/sage figure for our time. I love him and I’d love to write until I leave the world.

When you’re not performing or writing, what are you doing?

Usually, I like to spend my free time reading, biking, having conversations with people dear to me, eating fruit and drinking espresso-based things. I also play Dungeons and Dragons and watch a lot of Vine Compilations.

What is the best show experience you’ve ever had?

When I was six, I saw Switchfoot at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit. It was the tour for the album Nothing is Sound, and I remember the song “We Are One Tonight” hit me so hard that I couldn’t stop crying. I was a sensitive kid. In regards to Bergerons shows, we played at Speakertree this summer with Oceanic and Caroline Guske and I loved that!

Hope Cross – 10/16

When did you get started in music? 

When I was six years old I discovered my voice, and when I was 11 years old I started writing songs.

Are you a songwriter? 


Is there a musician that you look at and hope to model your career after? 

There are too many to choose! My writing is heavily influenced by Jon Foreman and Coldplay but my style is influenced by Maggie Rogers, Billie Eilish, Haim, and Ashe!

When you’re not performing or writing, what are you doing?

I am probably drinking coffee with friends or reading a book, cooking a new Pinterest recipe, traveling to a new place, or taking photos.

What is the best show experience you’ve ever had?

My favorite show I have been to this far in my life was a Hippo Campus show last year at the Jefferson in Charlottesville, VA!

Julia Rothenberger – 11/13

When did you get started in music? And are you a songwriter?

I got started with music pretty young just playing keys and singing for my youth group around age 12, and that was probably around the time I started to try writing my own songs. Just silly innocent love songs rhyming “eyes” with “skies”. I love looking back at those!

Is there a musician that you look at and hope to model your career after? 

Regarding artists I follow, I’ve always loved Justin Vernon (more famously known for his Bon Iver project). He’s a really modest guy with this hard-working creative discipline – I would love to model my career after that kind of example.

When you’re not performing or writing, what are you doing?

When I’m not doing music, you could probably find me outside. I’m a real introvert and so I love entertaining myself by being alone in the woods or on a walk somewhere. If I don’t get that every couple of days, I feel like a zombie!

What is the best show experience you’ve ever had?

The best show experience I’ve had so far was a student concert I was invited to perform at LaHaye last year in September with Oceanic – it was right at the start of a new and exciting year and I saw so much energy in the crowd and felt so supported and confident in that moment! Live music is really all about creating those special kinds of unspoken moments within a crowd. I love it!


For more information about the shows, visit our music page.