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Block Party Premiere Sponsors

August 23, 2022

Each Fall semester, after a grueling week of reading the syllabi for every class, students get to relax and celebrate another semester at Block Party. Block Party is a Liberty tradition that not only welcomes in a new freshman class but celebrates the return of all Liberty University students. We all love the fried food, loud music, and joy of seeing our friend being thrown off a mechanical bull but there are a lot of people who help Block Party come together. The businesses who come along side Student Activities as premiere sponsors help make Block Party the event you know and love. This year we want to thank Dominos, Mosaic Collective, Amazon Prime Student, and Your Event Source. We are thrilled that these businesses have come along side of Student Activities.

As college students, we all know and love Dominos, whether it’s a midnight “snack” or feeding the people at your bro/sis hall event, we can count on those pizza’s to be fresh and hot. Go visit them and grab a slice with your friends.

Mosaic Collective is not only selling trendy items for all aspects of your life, but they are challenging people to rethink what they buy and why they buy it. Every item they sell has a story, and we encourage you to go check them out to hear them!

Amazon Prime Student is there for us because we all know a time when that free 2-day shipping came in clutch. Go check out their booth at Block Party to see if you can find any sweet deals.

Your Event Source is always behind the scenes making Block Party great. If you love the view of Block Party from the top of the Ferris Wheel or have made the best memories watching your friends get thrown off the mechanical bull, you have Your Event Source to thank.

We are thankful for our premiere Sponsors and hope you get the chance to stop by and say hi this Saturday!