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Artist Expo: Gable Price and Friends

April 28, 2022

I’ll be honest with ya’ll, I didn’t know who these guys from Redding, CA were all that long ago. But now, Gable Price and Friends are a group of fist-pumping “bad boys” I’ll never forget. Formed in 2018, frontman Gable Price and his aforementioned friends, Adam Elizararraz (guitar), Daniel Vargas (drums) released their first EP “The Redding Ep”. The following year the band enlisted the talents of David Funk on bass (which with a name like that there was no other career path for the man), as well as guitarist Cameron Pablo to begin work on their freshman album. Going into their 4th year as a band, Price and the gang have released their first full length album, “Fractioned Heart” in 2020, a “reimagined” EP of previously released songs, a couple additional singles, and their newest EP, “If I’m Being Honest…” which dropped just last year.

So what makes these guys special? The band makes no efforts to hide their faith within their songs yet aren’t your typical sounding worship group. They’ve blended a unique rock sound that makes you want to jump around and dance with your friends, and personal, heart-jabbing lyrics that cause you to do a little soul-searching. Take “I Need You” off their latest EP for example. If you aren’t listening too closely, you could simply nod your head along with the up-beat chorus and guitar riffs. But tune those ears just a little more and you’ll hear the cry of a desperate man singing about his drifting from God and ongoing lack of honesty about it. And the coolest part is, you can have both of those things together. You can put the windows down and jam out with your friends and get vulnerable about real things. That’s not something you find combined in your everyday rock band. And people are taking notice. The group now amasses over 100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify (the obviously superior music streaming service) and is playing shows throughout the US in the Spring and Summer of 2022.

If you weren’t there, we got to experience Gable Price and Friends firsthand on April 23rd at the first ever Student Activities After Party. It was amazing to see them rock out on stage and balance their vulnerability with a fantastic stage presence. If you were not able to catch Gable price and Friends on stage at After Party, go check them out wherever you find your music, I promise you wont regret it. It would be good to brush up on their music since you may see them again sometime in the future.


Written by Jordan Hassler

Jordan is a Sophomore studying Event Planning with a Biblical Studies minor. He enjoys expressing his creativity through words, and sharing his experiences and personality by way of writing. He’s passionate about music, nature, and forming genuine connections with others.