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Americana Meets Worship: Preview of Drew and Ellie Holcomb

January 23, 2019

Based out of East Nashville, duo Drew and Ellie Holcomb are two artists known for their solo music (Drew being the Americana half and Ellie focusing more on worship), but many people may not know how beautiful their music is together. The married couple creates roots-inspired music that will make you want to kick off your shoes and dance to the rhythmic sounds. Both Drew and Ellie have performed at Liberty University, but for the first time, we get to experience them together.

The duo released their You + Me album in 2018 and just released their Electricity album on January 11th. Drew and Ellie were inspired to create new music after touring together last year, and you won’t be disappointed listening to their soulful new tunes. The album has three songs written about love, pain and living on the road. Each song was created with an intentional story that reflects an aspect of their lives. Love Anyway, the first song on the Electricity album, shares experiences about one of their friends that works in the war zones of Iraq and Syria.[1] Next on the album is Electricity, a smooth love song that describes the love Drew and Ellie share with each other. My personal favorite is Drew and Ellie’s rendition of On the Road Again by Willie Nelson.1 This album will give you a glimpse into their life as two traveling musicians in love.

Drew and Ellie’s music will make you want to dance to their folk-inspired sound while also feeling like you are sitting in their living room. On February 8th, you will have the chance to experience the duo in one of the most intimate music venues on campus. Also, make sure you check out Drew’s vinyl subscription called Magnolia Record Club where you get a hand-picked vinyl every month.


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Written By: Marissa Kusayanagi

Marissa is a Southern California girl that loves spending time in the sun and talking about the injustices in the world. Her passions include: fighting for women’s rights, serving people in underdeveloped countries and travelling the world. She hopes that the blogs she writes will teach you something new or open your mind to a world that you have never experienced.