Do I have to pay to use the LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Center?

Resident students who are financially checked in for the upcoming semester and have paid the activity fee are not subject to membership fees. In this case, the activity fee covers membership costs. Liberty University faculty, staff, LUO students, and graduate students are eligible to purchase memberships

What do I need to enter the LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Center?

All students and members are required to present a valid Liberty University Flames Pass; entrance will not be permitted without one. 

How do I sign up for a group exercise class?

Students and members may sign in for a group exercise class up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled class time. Sign-ups can be made online by clicking the "Class Sign Up" button on the group exercise page.

Can I bring guests in with me?

Our guest policy is detailed here

How do I check out items in the facilities?

Students and members may check out items with their valid Liberty University Flames Pass at the Equipment Checkout desk.  There is no cost and each facility offers a variety of items such as basketballs, volleyballs, and soccer balls. 

How do I sign up for personal training?

To sign up for a personal trainer, students and members may fill out a PAR-Q form found at the Member Services desk in the LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Center. Prices vary upon length of training desired and experience level of the trainer.

Can I reserve the racquetball courts?

Yes. We have two ways for you to reserve the racquetball courts. You can call the front desk and ask to reserve a court or you can come to the front desk and reserve a court in person. A court can only be reserved within 24-hours of your desired reservation time. Racquetball reservations will be cancelled 10 minutes after reserved time if no one has shown up.

What happens if I lose something in one of the facilities?

All equipment or belongings found in the LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Center will be collected and stored at the Equipment Checkout desk. All unclaimed items will be delivered to the LUPD office. All lost & found inquiries can be made by calling 434-592-3148 or going to the Member Services desk. The LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Center is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles.

What are the hours of the Rock Wall and do I need to be an experienced climber to use it?

Rock Wall operating hours are outlined here. All students and members, regardless of climbing experience, are welcome to use the rock wall during operating hours. Our rock wall staff consists of experienced climbers who are passionate about teaching first-time climbers. Rock climbing classes are available throughout the semester.

How many laps around the track is a mile?

Approximately 9 laps in the center lane of the track is 1 mile. 1 lap is approximately 1/9 of a mile.

How do I reserve one of the Campus Recreation facilities?

Certain facilities can be reserved and/or rented for use by students, members, and non-LU affiliated patrons. For more information on the facilities, prices, and policies, please refer to the facility reservation page.  

How can I become a Recreation Centers employee?

Recreation Centers hires both student and professional positions. For consideration in the student and professional area, all interested applicants should visit Liberty University's Human Resources Homepage.

Still have questions that need answers? Email or call Member Services at 434-592-3148.