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Guest Eligibility & Policies

LaHaye Rec and Fit Member Guests

All Liberty University students and LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Center members are permitted to sponsor up to two non-family member guests per day to accompany them into the facility. All guests will be required to pay a $5 daily membership fee. All guests are required to sign-in at the Member Services desk of the facility and leave a valid picture ID with the manager on duty.

Those member guests wishing to utilize the David’s Place facility must also pay the $5 daily membership fee. Fees must be paid at the LaHaye Rec and Fit member services desk before entering the David’s Place facility.

  • All visitors must leave a government issued picture ID at the Member Services desk when signing in. Visitors under the age of 18, who don’t have a valid picture ID, must be with someone who has a valid ID.
  • Visitors must enter the facility with their LU sponsor (student or member) and visitors under the age of 18 must stay with their sponsor at all times when in the facility. Visitors must also leave the facility with their LU sponsor.
  • The age requirement is 16 years old to utilize the LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Center basketball courts and Thomas Indoor Soccer Center fields.
  • The age requirement for working out is 18 years old (includes all fitness areas).
  • The rock wall is available to visitors during specified times for special events.

Families of students or members are welcome to tour the facility at no charge at any time during normal operating hours. Touring families need to show ID and sign in.

Exceptions to the Visitor Policy will be made for on-campus visitation weekends such as CFAW, Homecoming, Alumni and Parents weekends. These exceptions will be determined by Recreation Centers staff and will be posted at the front desk of each facility. Please contact 434-592-3148 with any questions.

* All students and members are required to present a valid Flames Pass prior to entering the facilities. Any individuals with an “invalid card” will be denied access along with their guests and directed to the ID & Campus Services office.

* Be sure to review our Policies and Procedures

Montview Bowling Alley Member Guests

Montview Bowling Alley is open to students, faculty, & staff of Liberty University as well as to guests. All guests are required to pay $3.50 per game and $2 for shoe rental.

  • Each lane may have up to 6 bowlers.
  • No refunds except for extenuating circumstances.
  • Bowlers who must leave before completion of game or timed session will not be given a refund.

Intensive Students

Intensive students are eligible to use the LaHaye Recreation and Fitness Centers and David’s Place while on campus for an intensive class.
  • Student will need to print off student detail schedule from ASSIST for verification of intensive class.
  • Student will need to have a valid Flames Pass. (This can be obtained at ID & Campus Services)
  • Bring the 2 items listed above to the Member Services desk of LaHaye and sign up for a free membership for the duration of the intensive.

For more details, please review our general Policies & Procedures and our Montview Bowling Alley and Game Room Policies and Procedures.