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Spring Camping and Hiking Trip

Spring is here and it's time to hit the trail! How about a weekend camping and hiking trip in the Mount Pleasant National Scenic Area? Be sure to rent any gear you need from the Hydaway Outdoor Recreation Center.

Day 1:

Drive 1 hour from Lynchburg to Cole Mountain and Mt. Pleasant parking area. Enjoy a scenic 6.7 mile hike to Mt. Pleasant and catch a glimpse of the Cole Mountain saddle to the west. End the day setting up camping just beyond the parking area in a quiet meadow by a mountain stream (blue dot). This spot is ideal for it's access to the road and trail heads.

Day 2:

After breakfast hike the scenic 5.8 mile loop of Cole Mountain ending with the dramatic saddle meadow portion of the trail. On the way home be sure to make a detour to the Blue Ridge Parkway!

Total mileage: 12.5 mi


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  • (VA Blue Line Map) For the fly fishermen craving native trout and beautiful rural and wilderness settings. Remember to adhere to private property and fishing regulation laws! 
  • The South River is popular spot for large rainbow and brown trout in Waynesboro, VA.
  • Try your luck on the James River for large muskie and smallmouth bass. 
  • The James River offers many adventure opportunities. Enjoy a tubing trip down the many routes near Lynchburg with Twin River Outfitters or James River Reeling & Rafting.
  • The New River and New River Valley offer unlimited outdoor recreation opportunities. Looking for a relaxing float with easy water? Try Independence to Baywood (Map) For the seasoned paddler try Bridle Creek to Independence (Map)



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