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Free Falling

September 4, 2018

Written by: Katy Ward

       I am not typically afraid to try new things. There isn't much that scares me. I tell people all the time, "God will take me when and how He wants me, so I'm gonna keep living my life". That's the mentality I have whenever I am considering something with risk, or when someone questions a stupid decision I made. And I fully believe in that statement! I do not know when Christ will come down to take me home, so I try my best to live my everyday the best that I can, including trying as many new, exciting things that I can.

       These past 2 weeks I have been in training for my job at school. I love my job, absolutely love it. I get paid to be outside and hang out with people who are my family when I'm away from my family. In these 2 weeks, we have learned a lot of new things and recapped a lot of old information. This year, I was determined to go off the zipline for the first time. I pumped myself up, told everyone that I was going to do it. I was ready. Then I got to the top of the podium, everyone said "Go Katy!" and I froze. I couldn't do it. I just stood there, looking at the ground thinking "what the heck did you get yourself into?!". I knew for a fact that the zipline and the harness and the people at the bottom were all safe and that none of them would let me down, they would keep me secure. I also knew that I would love it after I did it, after I just jumped off. But I could not make myself jump. I trusted the entire system, I just didn't trust myself. So, I chickened out. Now, I was not embarrassed to back out, I felt no shame for it because I have told myself that I will never go through with something that makes me feel unsafe, insecure, or uncomfortable (in most situations). I walked down, took off my harness, and left the situation as if it hadn't even happened. Of course, I kicked myself a little bit for not just doing it, but I do not regret my decision...


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