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Keep it Simple

May 31, 2017

Written By: Asia Allen

The summer for us at Outdoor Rec feel a little different then what we are used to.  All the students are gone and our programming is basically non-existent.  Though we have a lot to do!  We take this time to evaluate our existing programs, organize our facilities and procedures, and spend time training up our personal skills.  The “to-do” list can very easily become overwhelming during a season that is typically known for being restful.

I remember a time earlier this semester where I was totally overwhelmed by the tasks that were on my “to-do” list. My Dad called to chat and he could tell something was wrong just by my tone of voice. He proceeded to give me this one piece of advice that will most likely stick with me for the rest of my life: Keep it simple.

He told me “Life will always find a way to throw things at you 80 miles per hour. The key is to be able to slow them down to about 30 miles per hour. Keep life simple.”

Of course I did not really think too much about it until a few days later when I began to feel stressed out again. My dad’s words flooded back into my thoughts and helped me to remember to look at life through a lens of simplicity.

Now I understand that simplicity looks different to everyone. But just humor me and take a look through my lens of simplicity.

My lens of simplicity is one where amongst the stress and chaos, I can look at the little things in life, the things that most people look over and pass by everyday, and find joy in them.

And by joy, I mean a sense of purpose and fulfillment that brings a source of peace and contentment.

“Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.” -John Muir

This quote by John Muir is so powerful and serves as a reminder that nature is a great place to look for rejuvenation and simplicity. The calmness of nature can often bring peace and contentment for those who look for it. Camping at a national forest, kayaking on your favorite river, or hiking the tallest mountain in your state are all great avenues to explore God’s Creation.

However, there does not always need to be a grand adventure that occurs in order for you to find nature’s peace. While exploring a new country is an awesome adventure, sometimes a walk on nearby trails or fishing at a local stream are enough to remind you of the beauty and peace that nature offers.

I encourage you to take time this summer and let the above Jon Muir quote sink in. Write the quote out and reflect on how this can play a role in your life, especially in the way that you look for peace this summer and discover your own lens of simplicity.