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September 26, 2016

Written by: Ryan Saunders

{F}ires, {A}pple Cider, {L}ong Sleeves and {L}eaves.

The end of September is coming fast and the hot humid days of summer will soon be behind us. Sweater weather, hoodie season, and yes, even the beloved pumpkin spice latte are all upon us.  I could not be more excited.

Fall is my favorite season and Virginia is a wonderful place to experience it. The cooler days hit at just the right time and the season lasts well into November (and sometimes even into December). Weather can have a big impact on the way you feel. Studies have shown that certain weather patterns directly affect our moods and feelings.  Fall makes me such happier person.  It is a perfect season of transition from fun summer days to the "warm" and sentimental days of the Christmas season waiting for us at the end of the year. With this transition comes my four “Fall Favorites”-

Fires. I love bonfires. Who doesn’t enjoy gathering around a campfire with friends on a cool evening?  These moments are spent enjoying nature, friendship, and (hopefully) food. There can be games, singing, talking, and even just sitting in silence listening to the crackling of the burning wood. Let’s not forget about the Russian roulette style of picking your seat around the fire.  Don't pick the spot that is erratically under attack by smoke.

Apple Cider. Even though fall is typically known as a season for comfortingly warm drinks and food, I am a passionate consumer of cold apple cider. I do not care what the temperature might be, there is always a justification for drinking it cold. I find cold apple cider to be the most refreshing version of itself, and I know I am not alone.

Long Sleeves. This one may just be a personal bias, but I love long sleeve t-shirts and sweatshirts. Fall is the perfect season for these two apparel options. Not too hot, not too cold, just right. I find these clothing items to be the most comfortable, so I love when the weather encourages their use.

Leaves. As I said before, Virginia is a wonderfully unique place to witness the change from summer to winter. Virginia is full of trees, and our season isn't rushed through too quickly.  We end up getting a nice window of time to watch the leaves change color, fall off their trees, and get crunchy. It truly is a beautiful sight, and we are in a prime location to enjoy the wondrous beauty of fall leaves.

We’ve got plenty of opportunities at Outdoor Recreation to get your “Fall Fix” or head to Student Activities Fall Festival!  I encourage anyone and everyone to enjoy these last few days of summer, and then get ready for the best season out there. The fall days are waiting just around the corner, ready to be enjoyed. I don't know about you, but I plan on throwing on a sweatshirt, getting the squad together, drinking some good cider (cold of course), lighting a fire, and sitting outside and enjoying what is all around us.

Have a safe and happy fall y'all!