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2017 Deep Hollow Course Guide

October 5, 2017

Written by: Race Director, Mike Ellsworth

It’s that time of year.  The Deep Hollow half marathon and 5k is upon us. This year, I want to take the time to give a nice course description to help you prepare for the race.  Earlier this week, I took the time to rough mark the half marathon a bit.  Using the permanent markings and the pink streamers that I tied along the course you should be able to get a full run in before race day!  Be sure to look at the map as you follow along below.  Good luck on the 14th!

  • Mile 1 and 2:  These are the easiest miles to get lost on, so be on the lookout for the pink streamers the entire way.  The course follows the portion of Trail Too Far that meanders through the disc golf course, Spirit and a rogue trail.  So, be sure to stay focused here.  The elevation is just a slow and steady uphill as you approach the first Aid Station!
  • Mile 3, 4 and 5: Can be a lot of fun and is my favorite section.  You will have a mile long* downhill along Lake Hydaway Road before dropping onto Lake Trail. Lake Trail is another long mile* uphill, though I think it is one of the prettiest (and coolest temp) on the mountain.  Lake Trail climbs to the Snowflex parking lot where Aid Station 2 awaits at the 5k turnaround.  Be sure to fill up your water bottle here and get hydrated!  Running the next stretch fast is a great way to make up some time.  Aid Station 2 is also great location for your loved ones to wait and cheer you on!
  • Mile 6 and 7:  This is all double-track mountain road.  A great surface to kick it hard and make up some time.  These roads are dusty right now due to dry conditions, so practice a couple rinse & spits along the way!  Aid Station 3 sits at 5 points, this is the first Aid Station with GU energy gel and cookies!  I’d grab one and run with it if you think you will need it before Aid Station 4!
  • Mile 8:  Right around here you will hit Aid Station 4 and drop back onto the single-track A Walk in the Park.  Though, it isn’t exactly a walk in the park.  Around this section you will hit your highest elevation!  Aid Station 4 will also have gels and cookies.  Fuel up!  I also think this Aid Station is the right one to take a longer breather.  Stretch, re-tie your shoes and eat a cookie.  Get ready for the rest of the race.


  • Mile 9-12: Great Escape the whole way!  This section is switchbacks, hill climbs/falls, and single-track the whole way.  It will include the most technical sections and you will be getting tired, so be careful as you run.  You will get some aid as you cross Clearcut Rd (around mile 10) and Champion Rd (approx. mile 12).
  • Mile 13: You are on the home stretch as you get into sight of Hydaway.  Be sure to follow course markings here at the end, we have had runners get off-track in this last mile.  You will begin to hear the waterfall at the dam (or maybe that’s just your exhausted brain splashing around in your head).  Either way, in just a bit you will have a finish line full of friends and spectators to cheer you on!  Oh, and pizza J
*Distances and descriptions are approximated.  Be sure to be familiar with the race course and follow course markings appropriately.