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As of May 15, our facility is closed to the Liberty community and the public due to summer camp use. We're excited to serve you again in the fall! The Trail System remains open from the Snowflex and Disc Golf Trail Heads.

Live Life Today!

November 22, 2019

Written by Carter Brackman

As we wind down this year, many people are most likely feeling the stresses of life. For some, they are anticipating the upcoming exams and assignments that are soon due. For others, they continually punch that 9pm-5pm clock, eagerly waiting for Christmas break. One thing is for sure, all await for joyful time with family and a change of pace from their everyday routine.


And while the wonderful holiday season is close, they should not be substitutes for contentment in where life is now. Each day we wake up with breath in our lungs. This is such a gift from the heavenly Father. It is a gift that should be recognized and acted upon.


At Hydaway, we have five values that we implement into the things we do here: stewardship, camaraderie, adventure, professionalism, and experiential education. I want to focus on the final pillar.  Experiential Education is the process of learning through actual experiences, failures, and successes. It is dipping your foot in the water and seeing what lesson you can take from your experience. This is what each day of life should look like.



So the question presents itself: what type of things should I be learning? Well that is the wonderful thing about experiential education, there is no boundary into what you should learn. You just have to do things! The only criteria that we would attach to this suggestion is that you do things that matter in light of eternity. As Francis Chan says, “Our greatest fear should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter.” So choose to participate in things that are worth something in both this life and the next.


EXPERIENCE LIFE and learn from it. Don’t just wait for these upcoming holidays for you to appreciate each day and consider the joy found in just living.