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AORE Campus Challenge

2019 AORE Campus Challenge

September 16 – October 13

The AORE Campus Challenge is a “March-Madness meets Mother-Nature” competition in which 98 universities compete to see who can get the most people outside. The 2019 Campus Challenge kicks off September 16 and ends October 13. The school with the most logged outdoor activities on the Campus Challenge app wins the title of National Outdoor Champion. Other prizes include Outsider of the Year, Regional Winners, Recognition Awards, free gear, and more.


  2. Log your activities on the app by clicking the “Log Activity” button and follow the steps on the submission form.  You must include a brief description along with a photo for your activity to earn points.

    Every time an activity is logged, the user accumulates points.  Activities are weighted depending on the type of activity and must be a minimum of 30 minutes.  Each user can log up to 5 activities a day.  Point value of each activity is listed below:

    10 Points
    Races, Cycling/Mountain Biking, Camping, Caving, Climbing (outdoors), Equestrian, Fishing/Hunting, Hiking/Backpacking, Paddle Sports, Outdoor Service Projects, Disc Golf, Running, Snow-sports, Water Activities

    5 Points
    Outdoor Clinics/Training’s, Skateboarding/Longboarding, Slacklining, Walking, Yoga (Outdoors), Outdoor Work

    2 Points
    Gardening, Stargazing, Hammocking, Arts/crafts/building, Photo Fails

    Qualifiers for Bonus Points
    Group Activities (+5), Overnight Activities (+5), School organized activities (+5), 1st, 10th, 25th, 50th activities loggged

    Greater Good Bonus Points
    Positive Environmental Impacts, Health/Wellness, Exploring the Outdoors Anywhere, Developing Skills/Personal Growth