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What are Liberty Intramural Sports?
Are Intramural Sports and Club Sports the same?

Who is allowed to play Intramural Sports?

Where do I sign up to play Intramural Sports?
How much does it cost to play Intramural Sports?
Can I have as many players on my team as I want?
Where are Intramural games played?
How do I find out when I play?
Can I request certain times to play?
What happens if my team cannot make a scheduled game?
How long is each Intramural Sports season?
What do we need to bring for each game?
Do Intramural Sports teams practice?
What do members of each Intramural League Champion receive?

Please check out our Intramural Sports Handbook of Policies & Procedures for a more detailed explanation of each of these questions as well as much more information regarding our Intramural Sports programs.