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Does LaHaye Rec & Fit have a lost & found?

How do I register for a Group Exercise class or a fitness workshop?

Who is eligible to purchase a membership for LaHaye Rec & Fit?

What are the peak hours of LaHaye Rec & Fit?

My membership is active, but my Flames Pass is not allowing me to swipe in. What do I do?

Are the LaHaye Recreational Courts or Thomas Indoor Soccer Center open for pick-up games?

What are Intramural Sports?

Who can participate in Intramural Sports?

How do I register for an Intramural Sport?

How long is each Intramural Sports season?

What do I need to bring to each of my games?

Where is each sport held?

Do you have real snow?

Can I buy tickets online?

Is there an age requirement at Snowflex?

Are there any dress requirements at Snowflex?

What should I expect during my first visit to Snowflex?

Do you offer refunds or rainchecks?

How do I have a bonfire at Hydaway?

How do I rent a mountain bike?

What boats do you have available?

Am I able to drive myself to/from an Outdoor Adventure trip?

Where can I pick up my race award?

Why can’t I find a specific Outdoor Adventure trip on the website?

Who is allowed to shoot at Liberty Mountain Gun Club?

What should I expect when I visit LMGC?

Are there any dress requirements at LMGC?

How do I register for Safety and Concealed Carry Courses?

Can I buy ammunition at LMGC?

What firearms are available at LMGC?

What are the open hours of the Equestrian Center?

Can I ride the horses? If so, when?

Can I feed the horses?

How do I sign up for a trail ride or riding lesson?

What should I wear at the Equestrian Center?

What kind of riding do individuals participate in at the Equestrian Center?

How do I get to the Bowling Alley?

Is the Bowling Alley only for Liberty students?

Can I reserve the Bowling Alley or a lane?

Can I wear tennis shoes?

Are kids able to bowl?

Is food allowed in the Game Room?

Do I have to swipe in if I’m not going to play a game?

Can I play my own open-air music in the Game Room?

How do I request a game to be added to the Game Room?

Do you have the PS5 and xBox Series X consoles yet?

What do I do if I’m experiencing issues with my video game?

Does David’s Place have a lost & found?

Where can I find information on the Summer Pool Pass?

My membership is active, but my Flames Pass is not allowing me to swipe in. What do I do?

Who is eligible to exercise at David’s Place?

Are helmets required?

Is anyone allowed to use the Skate Park?

Is there an age requirement to ride?

What is allowed at the park other than skateboards?

Are spectators allowed?

Can you host a birthday party?