Meet the Staff


Chris Kerr, CSCS - Strength and Conditioning Coach


Ross Garner, CSCS - Strength and Conditioning  Coach


Dallas Johnson, CSCS - Graduate Assistant


Chris Craven, CSCS - Graduate Assistant


Weight Room Hours: Varies by team and season



Our Mission

The complete and utter destruction of all barriers to help teams win. Our staff is certified under the National Strength and Condition Association in order to develop, implement, and execute strength and conditioning programs. We strive to work with coaches and athletes to create the healthiest, strongest, and fastest individuals in the weight room who will create the best teams at competitions. We work closely with our sports medicine staff to ensure athletes do not participate while injured and have separate workout programs to accommodate any injured athletes.


Weight Room Protocol/Policy

The strength and conditioning facilities are for Club Sports athletes, coaches, and affiliated staff only. No team may work out without the supervision of a certified strength and conditioning coach.



The strength and conditioning department has two facilities. The Ice Rink Weight Room located inside the LaHaye Ice Center and Club Sports Weight Room at the bottom of the adjacent parking lot.