Women's Ultimate

Player Information

Stephanie Albert

Class: Senior
Position: Cutter
Height: 5'7

Previous School:

Hometown: Pawcatuck, CT

Stephanie Albert has been on Liberty’s Ultimate team for three years, but has been playing on an assortment of teams for six years. Her first year on the team, they did not compete in a sectionals tournament, but this past year, her team competed in the Regionals tournament. It has been great to be a part of LUWU growing in it’s success. She will be graduating in May and plans to use her psychology degree in ministry and other capacities to serve God. No matter where she finds herself in the future, she plans to carry a disc in hand.

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No events scheduled for this team.

Apr 18
Women's Ultimate
at Virginia D-1 College Conference Championship

Mar 28
Women's Ultimate
at I-85 Rodeo

Mar 8
Women's Ultimate
at March Mash Up
6-1, 1st place

Nov 9
Women's Ultimate
at Monument - University of Richmond
9th place finish

Nov 3
Women's Ultimate
at Blue Ridge Finale
1-2 record

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