Player Information

Tykeyah Henderson

Class: Junior
Position: Blue Belt
Height: 5'8

Previous School:

Hometown: Toms River, NJ

Tykeyah "Ty" Henderson a New Jersey native, was introduced to martial arts at the young age of 9. Her father was a former boxer and had taught her basic boxing techniques at home. Tykeyah enjoyed boxing but lost interest rather quickly. Her father then got her involved with karate. Tykeyah trained under Brian Wright at, what is now called "Killer B Combat Sports Academy" in Ocean Township, NJ. She was very passionate about karate and practiced for several years and earned many regional titles. Regretfully, Tykeyah's karate career ended once she started attending high school. Academics had became more of her focus and her karate dojo became more focused on MMA, which at the time she wasn't comfortable with. After high school, Tykeyah had attended community college then decided to transfer to get a better education. Liberty University was the perfect school for her. The Largest Christian School with outstanding academics, a wonderful spiritual atmosphere, and a Taekwondo team. Tykeyah was a little skeptical about joining because she had not fought for a number of years, but she knew a part of her was still missing. She got involved with Liberty University Taekwondo and at first it was difficult adjusting to a new form of martial arts, but she excelled. Her first year on the team she competed in the white/yellow division and had an outstanding undefeated season. During the season Tykeyah had also faced a tragedy when losing her father to stage 4 cancer rather quickly. During that tragedy her coaches and teammates brought great comfort to her and she became even more motivated for Nationals. Before her father passed away she promised him that she would bring home gold, she upheld her promise. She became the Yellow Belt Heavy Weight National Collegiate Taekwondo Association (NCTA) champion. Currently, Tykeyah is still an athlete on the Taekwondo team and is looking forward to another great season.

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Mar 8
at Princeton Tournament

Nov 9
at Taekwondo Tournament
2nd Place Finish

Nov 2
at Taekwondo Tournament
3 Gold Medals

Apr 8
at NCTA Nationals
Three Bronze Medals

Apr 7
at NCTA Nationals
Five Silver Medals

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