Player Information

Helen Wood

Class: Sophomore
Position: Black Belt
Height: 5'3
Weight: 220

Previous School:

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Helen is from Southern California and has been doing Taekwondo since she was 9. She is currently on the Atlantic Collegiate Alliance directors board of Taekwondo and media coordinator for the team. Other than being very competitive in taekwondo and other sports, she enjoys competing in rodeos and has grown up acting, dance competitions and singing. She lead worship all through high school at her school and also has years of pageant competitions under her belt. Helen loves traveling and mission work and her family has been heavily involved in Lithuania for the past 10 years. Helen has had the privilege to work with trainers at Sea World and San Diego Wild Animal park when she was deciding which veterinarian path she wanted to take, and she chose to major in zoology to begin her path in exotic veterinarian. Now she works at a Safari Park in Arkansas. Helen is proud to represent Liberty and able to be apart of a team as special as this one.

TaeKwonDo Links

No events scheduled for this team.

Mar 8
at Princeton Tournament

Nov 9
at Taekwondo Tournament
2nd Place Finish

Nov 2
at Taekwondo Tournament
3 Gold Medals

Apr 8
at NCTA Nationals
Three Bronze Medals

Apr 7
at NCTA Nationals
Five Silver Medals

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