Player Information

Kayne Boyer

Class: Senior
Position: Back
Height: 5'11
Weight: 240

Previous School:

Hometown: Gloucester, VA

Kayne is a senior at Liberty University studying Sport Management. He plans on making his way into an Athletic Directors position at the High School level. His father is in the Coast Guard so he hasn't lived in the same placed a long period time. He was born in Charleston, SC, where most of his family lives, but went to high school in Gloucester, VA. Kayne's first paintball experience was when he was in the 4th grade in Louisiana. At the time, he was in a cast for a fractured foot but still fell in love with the sport. He played a lot of paintball at the Swamp Paintball Park in Gloucester, VA. Fun Fact: He rarely goes by his real name, the team calls him Kanye.

Paintball Links

No events scheduled for this team.

Apr 16
at National Tournament

Feb 16
at CSP XBall Tournament
7th Place Finish

Nov 16
at NRPL - Paintball Tournament
2nd Place Finish

Sep 29
at EPL Paintball Tournament
3rd Place Finish

Oct 6
at NECI Open
1st - Gold Team

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