Figure Skating

Player Information

Avery Campbell

Class: Junior
Position: Preliminary
Height: 5'4

Previous School:

Hometown: Forest, VA

Avery began skating when she was eight years old at the newly opened LaHaye Ice Center back in 2007. She competed for 5 years as a member of ISI and performed with the local theater on ice team during that time as well. She also participated in seasonal ice shows throughout her younger years of skating. At age 13 she transitioned into mixed martial arts (MMA) and trained at the Renaissance Academy of Martial Arts for three years. She received her black belt in Muay Thai in June of 2015. Now as a junior at Liberty pursuing her degree in Biblical Studies with a minor in education, the Lord provided the opportunity for her to return to figure skating through Liberty's team. She plans on getting her masters degree in education as well so that she can become a teacher. 

Figure Skating Links
Apr 25, 7:00 PM - CANCELLED
Figure Skating vs. Praisefest
Figure Skating
vs. Praisefest
Apr 25, 7:00 PM - CANCELLED

Full Schedule

Apr 25
Figure Skating
vs. Praisefest

Mar 27
Figure Skating
at Intercollegiate Championship

Mar 8
Figure Skating
at University of Delaware Intercollegiate Competition
2nd place finish

Feb 15
Figure Skating
vs. LU Classic Intercollegiate Competition
2nd Place Finish

Nov 4
Figure Skating
at NYU
8th - Team Finish

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