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Family Raising Money to Meet 2nd Adopted Child

June 19, 2011  |  Lynchburg, VA 

Family Raising Money to Meet 2nd Adopted Child test test test test

Lynchburg, VA - In August the Hoglund family plans on bringing their second adopted child with Down syndrome into their home and they're relying on the generosity of strangers to help them make the trip. 

They learned about 5-year-old Joel in an email from the Hong Kong orphanage where they adopted Jasmine, their first child with Down syndrome.  Leslie Hoglund says the instant she saw Joel's picture she felt a connection to him.

"His face was so bright," she said.  "I'm like wow, this kid, there's something special about him."

That was a year and a half ago and with the adoption process almost complete they're making plans to pick him up from the orphanage.

"My heart is already pounding for that moment when I walk into that orphanage for the first time and it's like my son," said Leslie.

They've raised about $3,500 of the roughly $5,000 they'll need to cover travel expenses.  Much of it came from a yard sale they held Saturday.  They said one lady heard what they were using the money for and slipped them a $500 check.   Another sent Todd Hoglund $50 through paypal.  At first, Todd didn't know what it was for.

"I had to ask him, 'What is this?' And he said, 'Go get your boy and bring him home,'" said Todd.

Joel will become the Hoglund's fourth child; he'll join Quentin and Elise, their biological children, and Jasmine. 

Contributions can be made to:

Bethany Christian Services

ATTN: Linda Galien

901 Eastern Avenue Northeast
Grand Rapids, MI 49501-0294
Check Memo: "Todd and Leslie Hoglund Account" 

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