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LU Hosts First Intercollegiate Figure Skating Competition

December 4, 2010  |  Lynchburg, VA 

LU Hosts First Intercollegiate Figure Skating Competition test test test test

Lynchburg,VA-It was a big day for figure skating at Liberty University on Saturday. The university hosted their first intercollegiate figure skating competition.

11 colleges and universities from along the East Coast competed at the LaHaye Ice Center. LU's own figure skating team also has a chance to compete. Directors hope Saturday's event will spark more interest in LU's figure skating program.

"I think this competition is going to help our program grow since this is our first year. And, hopefully we can gain some attention, and bring in new skaters next year," said Tatiana Gomez, Director of LU Figure Skating.

If you want to see how LU did at the competition go to 

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