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Taekwondo team reaps multiple medals in ACAT meet at UNC

November 11, 2017  |  Raleigh, N.C. 

(Photo by Jessie Rogers) test test test test
(Photo by Jessie Rogers)

Liberty University's taekwondo team earned several medals, including 10 golds, at its first Atlantic Collegiate Alliance of Taekwondo (ACAT) tournament of the Fall semester, held Nov. 11 at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, N.C.

Besides the Flames and the Tar Heels, the ACAT includes teams from American, Clemson, Duke, UMBC, Virginia, and Virginia Tech.

Gold-medal winners for Liberty included senior black belts Michael Personius in men's elite heavyweight fighting and Moriah Martin in women's elite middleweight fighting, as well as senior red belt Tykeyah Henderson in women's heavyweight intermediate fighting. Henderson also earned a bronze in forms.

Freshman James Bryant earned gold medals in both men's beginner heavyweight fighting and beginner forms while four sophomores also struck gold — William Parker in men's intermediate lightweight fighting and intermediate forms, Wesley Angerville in men's white belt heavyweight intermediate fighting, Charity Barker in women's green belt middleweight/heavyweight intermediate fighting, and Clint Stinchcomb in men's elite middleweight fighting.

Angerville also captured a bronze in yellow belt forms and Barker claimed silver in green belt forms.

Senior blue belt Isaiah Handog was a double silver-medal winner — in men's middleweight intermediate fighting and forms — while senior green belt Jonathon Panzera earned a men's heavyweight intermediate silver in fighting.

Freshman blue belt Sam Hite claimed a silver medal in men's lightweight intermediate fighting while sophomore Danielle Pate finished runner-up in women's elite lightweight fighting and sophomore Andrea Pino Mora from Costa Rica struck silver in women's beginner heavyweight fighting.

Senior Sarah Porter was a silver medalist in women's white/yellow belt forms and also took bronze in women's middleweight/heavyweight intermediate fighting.

Other bronze medal winners for the Lady Flames included sophomores Christina Mason in beginner heavyweight fighting, Jackie Baumann in intermediate heavyweight fighting and blue belt forms, Megan Carswell in elite heavyweight fighting, and fellow black belt Shelby Wilson in elite middleweight fighting.

Sophomore Michael Thai won bronze in lightweight men's beginner fighting while freshman green belt Elijah Handog also finished third in men's middleweight intermediate fighting.

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