Paintball Coaching Staff

Brian Davidson

Head Coach

Start Date: 08/01/2015


Brian Davidson is the head coach of the Paintball team at Liberty University. He attended Liberty University from 2007-2012 and participated on Liberty's paintball team each year. He was captain a captain on the team for three years. He enjoys providing players with knowledge that he has gained from playing paintball at the top level. Brian gives his athletes the opportunity to play to the best of their abilities and encourages them to strengthen their relationship with Jesus.

While at Liberty University, Brian received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering.

He has played on different teams in the PSP league ranging from Greensboro, NC, to Lakeland FL, to Chattanooga, TN. With these teams, he has claimed multiple 1st place finished, including one coming fom Division 1.

His Liberty team's standings each year for nationals include:

2008 - 3rd of 42 in AA

2009 - 6th of 54 in AA

2010 - 4th of 18 in Class A

2011 - 4th of 18 in Class A

2012 - 3rd of 15 in Class A


Paintball Links

No events scheduled for this team.

Apr 16
at National Tournament

Feb 16
at CSP XBall Tournament
7th Place Finish

Nov 16
at NRPL - Paintball Tournament
2nd Place Finish

Sep 29
at EPL Paintball Tournament
3rd Place Finish

Oct 6
at NECI Open
1st - Gold Team

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