Equestrian Coaching Staff

Suzanne Flaig

Hunter Seat Coach

College: Miami University of Ohio
Start Date: 9/30/16

Suzanne Flaig has been involved with collegiate riding for over 20 years.  First, as a student at Miami University of Ohio riding for their IHSA Team, she competed in multiple disciplines and earned an individual National Championship in Equitation in in 1991.  After graduating in 1993 with a Bachelor of Arts, she began her collegiate coaching career at Pennsylvania State University.  She eventually came her back to her alma mater as an Assistant Hunt Seat Coach and then on to Oklahoma State University where she coached for thirteen years.  During her time at Oklahoma State, she experienced the structure of both the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association as well as the emergence of varsity programs and the National Collegiate Equestrian Association of today.  She served on multiple committees within the NCEA and was a proponent of Invitational events for college riders. 

She currently serves as the Associate Director of Equestrian Programs for Liberty University.  She lives in Evington, Virginia with her husband Michael and their two children.

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Oct 31
at Sweet Briar College IHSA Show
1st place finish

Oct 24
at Scrimmage vs St Andrews
1st place finish

Apr 4
at Hunt Seat Zones

Mar 21
at Western Semi Finals

Feb 23
at Western Regionals
2nd Place Finish

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