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10 Practical Self-Care Ideas

November 13, 2020

Written by Tanner Hoffarth, Former Marketing Employee

Self-Care isn’t always easy and often can be something many put on the side burner. This list of 10 practical self-care ideas is a great way to get your foot in the door and begin to change course as we head into a busy season of the semester. Each idea listed below requires little time/effort but a lot of discipline. Let’s get started.


The first of many, and possibly the most important is sleep. With all of our crazy lifestyles, it seems that we “don’t have time for sleep”. By sleeping we are able to reset our bodies, regain our energy, retain memories better, and reduces stress.

Gut Health

Focusing on your gut is your next task. This can be done in multiple ways, but one of the best ways is staying hydrated and drinking a lot more water than you are right now. Doing this will boost skin health and beauty, flush toxins more quickly, and help maintain body temperature and blood pressure.


Learning about self-care is just as important as participating in it. With a better understanding of what to do, why you do it, and how to do it will boost the benefits through the roof.

Nature Walk

Taking a nature walk/run has been my number one thing to do during the pandemic and is also a very beneficial idea for self-care. Not only are you exercising, but you are also getting some much-needed vitamin D.

House Plants

Buy some house plants. House plants provide many different benefits from removing odors from the air, to providing oxygen, and adding a pop of color to your space.

Skin Care Routine

Create a skincare routine, wash your face daily, moisturize, and most of all where sunscreen. Trust me, you will still get tan.


Practice yoga. Yoga helps to restore not only the body but in a similar fashion the mind. Yoga is a great way to relieve stress promote sleep quality and improves heart health. The Group Ex Plus membership at LaHaye is the perfect way to get started with your yoga routine!

Find Your Hobby or Recover a Lost One

Did you grow up playing piano and haven’t touched one since moving to college? How about reading one book a month? Recovering a lost hobby or finding a new one encourages giving your brain a break from the life circumstances that are stressing you out. This also gives you something fun, with no goal to achieve or deadline, to look forward to throughout your week.

Reduce Your Caffeine Intake

I know what you’re thinking, you’d rather skip right over this point. But, hear me out. Caffeine has a number of benefits but also proves to be just as harmful. Being able to consume caffeine in a realistic manner and at good times of the day can help save you from most of its harmful effects. Scientific studies have shown that caffeine can help prevent many forms of cancer, improve memory, and the most commonly help with alertness and weight loss. However, living caffeine-free or even reducing your intake of caffeine can reduce anxiety, heart rate, and insomnia — leading to better sleep, greater focus, and better heart health.


The last and one of the most over-looked self-care practices is journaling. Creating a journal improves memory like many of the other self-care ideas. Journaling also serves as a great form of meditation, benefits creative expression, and helps set goals and track progress.

Self-care, in many ways, is another term for self-recognition. Through these exercises and ideas, you continue to learn more about yourself, through your emotions, health, and even down to your motivations and fears. Self-care isn’t selfish. It is taking care of your heart, mind, soul, and body so that you can better benefit those around you.


10 Restful Activities for Your Sabbath

October 2, 2020

Written by Victoria Dissmore, Marketing Employee

It can be hard to take a whole day to rest when you have homework piling up, but the Sabbath is an important spiritual discipline that will keep you from burnout while strengthening your relationship with God.

Taking a Sabbath doesn’t have to mean sitting around doing nothing or watching Netflix all day. The Sabbath is meant to be an enjoyable, restful time with the Lord, which should make you want to prioritize getting your homework done at other times.

Whatever day you choose to Sabbath, these suggested activities will give you a fun break from work to help you enjoy God and delight in the life He’s given you.

Bake Cookies

I don’t know about you, but I feel like Fall is the perfect baking season. Find a friend who lives on East or off-campus and get a few more friends together for an afternoon in the kitchen. Baking or cooking something simple is a way to spend quality time together doing a shared activity and enjoying each other’s company. And then you can eat whatever it is you made together!

Watch a Movie at the Theatre

There’s something special about going out to see a movie as opposed to watching one at home. You get to leave your worries outside, sit in comfy seats for at least two hours without the distraction of your phone, and you get to focus on just one thing. It’s also fun having a shared experience with the people around you.

This applies to seeing a theater performance or an orchestra concert, as well. Did you know that Lynchburg’s Regal is now open? Check out what movies they’re playing here.

Write Letters to Friends & Family

You could Facetime or email or text them, but writing letters is so much more special. Your friends and family members will appreciate the handwritten note in the mail, and the time you take to write it out will be refreshing for you, too.

Take a Day Trip

Sometimes you just need to get out of the Liberty bubble. There are so many places to explore in the surrounding area that would be a great place to drive to for the day. Try…

  • Going on one of the many hikes near Lynchburg (i.e. Sharp Top, McAfee’s Knob)
  • Visiting one of Virginia’s beautiful lakes (i.e. Lake Anna, Lake Moomaw)
  • Exploring a nearby city (i.e. Roanoke, Charlottesville)

Go to a Local Sports Game

Obviously, this one might be a little tricky in 2020. But even if you’re not into sports, it can be fun to go out and cheer for a team! You could go to a Lynchburg Hillcats baseball game, or if you have any local friends with kids, you could ask to go with them to their kids’ sports game. And of course, you can go to one of Liberty’s many sports games, including club sports and intramurals.


There’s nothing like the wide-open starry sky to remind you that God is bigger than that paper you have to write or that test you have to study for. Try to find a spot on campus without too much light, but for a real view drive out to Liberty’s very own observatory just past the Liberty Mountain Equestrian Center.

Go for a Jog

Take a minute to appreciate the body God has given you and go for a jog! Getting your heart rate up and your blood circulating will be just the boost you need to get back to studying after your sabbath. You can also work out at our lovely LaHaye Rec & Fit Center. You can run, walk, lift weights, rock climb, play some basketball, swim some laps and more!


Just like writing letters to friends and family, journaling can also be refreshing, not to mention therapeutic. It’s a way to get all your thoughts and worries out of your head where you can process them and bring them to God. Writing with pen and paper is also a good way to rest your eyes from looking at screens all day.

Read a Book

You’re probably tired of reading for school but reading a good book for fun could be the rejuvenating break you need, especially a fantasy or realistic fiction novel. Sometimes it can even be fun to read a children’s chapter book, and it doesn’t take as much brain work as reading your textbooks.

Sit Outside

Have you ever gone outside and just sat? No phone, no homework, maybe even by yourself? Sometimes it can be really refreshing to just sit with nature and breathe in the fresh air. Our very own Hydaway has lots of great spots to sit and relax with the God who created the nature you’re surrounded by.