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Student Mail Information

Mailing address format for all Residential Students:

Student’s Full Name
MSC Box 1xxxxx
1971 University Blvd
Lynchburg VA 24515

Please contact us with ANY questions or concerns.

Off-Campus Student Mail Policy

If you have moved off-campus, you CANNOT continue to have your Mail/Packages sent to Liberty University. Once a student moves off campus, the previous address assigned to the student is reassigned. When a package arrives for an individual that is not in our inventory system, it goes on the list of unclaimed packages. It’s our policy to keep those unclaimed packages for two weeks. After the two week mark, the packages are returned to the sender. Once again, off-campus students will not receive email alerts as they are no longer in our system. Please contact our office if you have any questions.


Here are some frequently asked questions in the link below that may help answer some of your own questions. Feel free to contact us for any help.

Student Package Pickup & Drop-Off

Package Pickup

  • You will receive an email notifying that you have a package available to be picked up at the 245 One-Five Express.
  • When you come to pick it up, you MUST have either one of two things: Your Flames Pass or a valid Government Issued Photo ID. If you do not have either one of those, you WILL NOT be able to pick up your package.
  • Parents or other family members are not able to pickup packages for the student. We can ONLY make an exception under certain circumstances.
  • As a courtesy to those around you and those working, please do not use cellular telephones while picking up a package.

Packages and letter mail are ONLY held for TWO WEEKS. After the two week mark is met, all items are returned to the sender. This policy is deactivated during University break times. Please be advised.

Prepaid Package Drop off

  • If you have a prepaid label, you do not need to wait in line at our shipping counter. Instead, bring the prepared package to the package counter.
  • The Postal Specialist at the counter will need to go over some information with you and scan your package in before you sign the signature pad, releasing the package into our possession. An email confirmation is available if you would like.
  • If you are not interested in an email confirmation, we can accept a simple drop off with just leaving it at the counter. You don’t have to spend the time in line.

Liberty University Postal Services has placed USPS letter mail drop boxes around campus for your convenience. Pickup time is 2:30 Monday through Friday. See USPS Letter Mail Dropbox Locations.

Mailbox Lock Information

How to Open a Mailbox with a Combination:

  1. Turn the dial to the left FIVE times. This both clears out the previous attempts to open the lock and also is your first step. Stop at the first number in your combination.
  2. Turn the dial to the right, making sure to pass the second number in your combination once. You will stop on it the second time that you come to your second number.
  3. Turn the dial to the left and stop at your third number.
  4. Immediately pull the knob out and turn to the right. The latch should then catch, opening the door to your mailbox.

How to Open a Mailbox requiring a Key:

  1. Come to the Liberty University Postal Services to retrieve your key.
  2. Use your key to open the mailbox.

Mailbox Kiosk Locations

Below are the locations for all student mailboxes on campus. Contact our office if you need any assistance.

Commons Dorms

  • Commons 1
    • Box Numbers: C0001-C1260
    • Location: Enter building through main entrance near Dunkin Donuts. Turn right through common area and walk past the elevators. The mail room is on the right before the entrance to the hallway.
  • Commons 2
    • Box Numbers: C2001-C3080
    • Location: Enter building through door facing the South. The room is directly to the right.
  • Commons 3
    • Box Numbers: C3101-C3910
    • Location: When facing the building from the parking lot enter at the back left corner. Turn right and you will be facing the mail boxes.

Hill and South Dorms

  • Hill
    • Box Numbers: H0001-H1061
    • Location: Outside small building next to access road for the Hill Dorms.
  • South
    • Box Numbers: S0001-S0840 (Lobby of 245 One-Five Express)
    • Folders: S0841-S1680 (Inside the Office of 245 One-Five Express)
    • Location: 245 One-Five Express

East Dorms

  • East 1
    • Box Numbers: E1000-E1360
    • Location: Near Dorm E42
  • East 2
    • Box Numbers: E2000-E2479
    • Location: Between Dorm E44 and E45
  • East 3
    • Box Numbers: E3000-E3209
    • Location: Across from Dorm E46
  • East 4
    • Box Numbers: E4000-E4209
    • Location: Between Dorm E53 and E54
  • East 5
    • Box Numbers: E5000-E5420
    • Location: Between Dorm E75 and E76
  • East 6
    • Box Numbers: E6000-E6209
    • Location: Between Dorm E72 and E73
  • East 7
    • Box Numbers: E7000-E7209
    • Location: Across from Dorm E20
  • East 8
    • Box Numbers: E8000-E8209
    • Location: Between Dorm E82 and E83
  • East 9
    • Box Numbers: E9000-9420
    • Location: In front of Dorm E94