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Frequently Asked Questions – Graduate

General Questions

Admission Questions

Financial Questions

Master of Science Program Questions

Culminating Experience Questions

Graduation Questions

Additional Questions

General Questions 

Are Liberty University and the Department of Sport, Event & Tourism Management accredited?

Liberty University is an accredited institution.

The Department of Sport, Event & Tourism Management’s Bachelor of Science degree and the Master of Science degree are accredited through the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation (COSMA).


Why would a student want to come to Liberty University for graduate sport management as opposed to another school?

The many reasons students choose to pursue a degree through Liberty University’s Department of Sport, Event & Tourism Management, Graduate Studies program are as follows:

  • Christ-centered leadership and education,
  • Advising and mentoring with professionals in their field of study,
  • A balance of theory and practical application offered in every course,
  • Curriculum constructed for accreditation through the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation (COSMA),
  • To build long-term relationships with other students, alumni and sport industry professionals,
  • And sport industry-trained faculty, to name a few.


Does Liberty University have a career placement office?

Liberty University has a career center that provides assistance with resume and cover letter writing, as well as access to career counseling, job and internship fairs, and announcements for job and internship opportunities. Feel free to visit the Liberty University (online) Career Center at the following link: Career Center.


Can I complete an M.S. program in Sport Management online and still keep my current full-time job?

Professionals currently working in the sport industry seek the flexibility of the Liberty University Online Sport Management majors, which offer 100 percent of their courses during each structured, eight-week term, allowing professionals to complete their M.S. in approximately two calendar years, while still working full-time and enjoying the Christian community and education unique to Liberty University.


What are some of the locations where Liberty University Department of Sport, Event & Tourism Management students and alumni are currently working or where they have interned?

Since our graduate program was launched in the fall of 2010, employers and internship sites of our current students and department graduates have included the following:

  • Carolina Panthers (NFL)
  • Charlotte Bobcats (NBA)
  • Denver Broncos Football Club (NFL)
  • Heritage High School Football (Lynchburg, Va.)
  • Lynchburg Hillcats (Class A Affiliate of the Atlanta Braves)
  • Mandalay Baseball Properties
  • Liberty Christian Academy Football
  • Liberty University Athletics (NCAA – Division I)
  • Liberty University Flames Club
  • Liberty University Campus Recreation
  • Rockford IceHogs (Rockford, Ill. – AHL)
  • Sodexo (Sports Facility Management)
  • Southern Maryland Bobcats
  • Washington Redskins (NFL)
  • NFL Players Association
  • Sports Spectrum Magazine

Admission Questions

What are the requirements for admittance to the Sport Management Graduate Studies program and for graduation?

The Sport Management program admits 30 students residentially each year.

It is necessary to have an undergraduate GPA of 3.00 or higher for admittance to the program. Potential students with an undergraduate GPA of less than 3.0 will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Those who are granted admission with less than a 3.0 GPA are granted admission on required academic probation.

  • Students must complete the Comprehensive Examination after the completion of 21 hours (the seven core courses within the program), and pass with an 80 percent pass rate.
  • Students must obtain a 3.00 GPA to qualify for graduation with no more than two Cs permitted.
  • Credit toward degree completion is not granted for a grade of D or F.
  • Completion of the GRE is not required for admittance into the program.


In order to be accepted into the M.S. program in Sport Management, does my undergraduate degree need to be in any specific discipline?

No specific undergraduate degree is required; however, those with a background or undergraduate degree in the area of their specializations concentration will be better prepared.


Does the graduate program only begin in the fall or can students begin in the spring?

Residentially the graduate program admits 30 students per year, for the fall and spring semesters. If all 30 spots are filled for the fall semester, we will not enroll any students for spring semester. However, if less than 30 students are enrolled, additional students are welcome to apply and enroll for spring semester. There is no cap on the number of students who may apply or enroll in the graduate online Sport Management program.

Through Liberty University Online, students are admitted for either the B- or D-terms of each semester (fall, spring, and summer). Students can apply and review the deadlines through the Liberty University Online website.


Specifically, what application items need to be submitted and where should the information be sent?

Interested applicants should apply to the following:

Required application materials for the graduate Sport Management program includes the following: a $50 deferred application fee (assessed during financial check-in); fax/scan of unofficial college transcripts (unofficial transcripts may be used for acceptance purposes); official college transcripts received by the end of the first term (sealed, unopened copy); regionally or nationally accredited bachelor’s degree with at least a 3.00 GPA for admission in good standing; bachelor’s degree from an institution that is accredited by an agency that is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education; and one letter of recommendation (academic or professional source required).


Can audited classes be accepted as classes for purposes of transfer hours?

Only classes that result in the issuance of a letter grade of A or B may be used.


Do all required items for admission need to be submitted at the same time?

All required items do not need to be submitted at the same time. Once a required item is submitted, the Graduate Admissions Office or LUO will create a file for the potential student. Additional required items may be submitted at your leisure as long as the folder is complete by the appropriate deadlines.


What graduate entrance tests are required for admission into the M.S. program?

The Liberty University graduate Sport Management program does not require graduate admissions tests (i.e., the GRE is not required).


I’m a senior in college graduating next spring. I’d like to apply to the Liberty University graduate Sport Management program to begin next fall. What transcript information should I send with my application? I can’t include the transcript for my last year since it is not complete.

When applying to Liberty University, students must have at least 105 hours, or equivalent, completed on their undergraduate transcript. In addition, students will need to complete a “bachelor’s degree self-certification form,” which is the student’s promise that he/she will finish a bachelor’s degree by the time they begin the M.S. program. The student’s file will then be noted with an “FT Hold” that will keep them from registering for their second semester at Liberty until a final official transcript is submitted showing the completed undergraduate degree.


Does the Liberty University Sport Management graduate program allow conditional enrollment and what is the benefit of doing so?

Liberty University does allow conditional enrollment. A student can conditionally enroll for a maximum of 12 credit hours without officially being accepted to the program. Students must meet all entrance requirements for the program. The typical student who takes advantage of conditional enrollment meets entrance requirements but just wants to get started immediately and/or not miss a deadline. This could be useful, especially if the student is waiting on a recommendation letter, etc. Also, students in the military may benefit as well since funding for classes may be available immediately upon application.


I was told I need to take GRST 500. What is this class and why must I take it?

GRST 500 is Introductory to Graduate Writing. This course is designed to give students the skills they need to complete successful written projects in graduate-level courses. Any students accepted to the Sport Management graduate program with less than a 3.00 undergraduate GPA are required to take GRST 500.

Financial Questions

Are there any graduate student assistantships (GSAs) available? If so, how do I apply?

There are limited Graduate Student Assistant opportunities available in the Department of Sport, Event & Tourism Management. Only students accepted to the residential graduate, Sport Management program may apply. The following information applies to all GSA applicants:

  • We currently only offer GSA positions for the Department of Sport Management to those residential graduate students within our program of study. GSAs, when hired, receive a tuition waver plus a stipend.
  • We request that all applications for currently open GSA positions be received by March of the academic year prior to the year in which the student is applying to work. Those applications must be submitted through Human Resources.
  • Should any GSA position remain open, the department will accept applications for that position until filled. All GSA applicants must be accepted into the Graduate School and the Sport Management program.
  • Candidates may be required to complete an on-campus interview. Any GSA positions still available after May 1 will be filled as soon as possible based on acceptable applications.

There are Student Worker and other Graduate Student Assistant positions for Liberty University throughout the university’s campus. For a listing of available positions please see the Human Resources Homepage.


What are the costs and paperwork needed for financial aid at Liberty University for residential students and Liberty Online students?      


Can you share any information about how housing works for students at Liberty University?

Liberty University requires all unmarried students under the age of 21 to live on campus. Graduate students are permitted to live on campus if they are under age 30 and not married. For more information, please refer to the Student Housing website or the Office of Commuter Services.

Master of Science Program Questions

Can I finish the online program in less than two years?

The online program may be completed in less than two years based on the availability of classes, the number of credit hours taken per semester, and whether summer session is utilized.


Will my diploma from the online program be the same as the one granted for the full-time program?

There is no difference in the degrees awarded for the full-time on-campus program or the online program. They both indicate the completion of a Master of Science in Sport Management.


How are online classes structured?

The Online Sport Management classes are eight weeks in duration per term (B-term and D-term, excluding A-term internships which are 16 weeks in duration) and use a module format. Each of the eight modules (one per week) includes reading assignments, writing assignments, video presentations, discussion boards, and quizzes or projects that are required. Interested students may view a sample online class through Liberty University Online.


Do graduate Sport Management courses need to be taken in numerical sequence (e.g. 501, 502, etc.)?

There are no prerequisites for the graduate courses. However, it is recommended that the seven (7) core courses (SMGT 501, 502, 503, 504, 505, 506 and 520) are completed prior to taking the comprehensive exam, which will be necessary prior to admittance into SMGT 699 or SMGT 689.


Is there a time limit on how long I have to complete my M.S. in Sport Management?

There is a five-year window to complete the M.S. degree. The window begins when you start your first class, or when a transferred class was taken, whichever came first. For example, if you are not transferring in any classes, your window would begin your first semester at Liberty.

Culminating Experience Questions

Please explain the SMGT 699 Internship course?

All eligible students must have completed 21 hours, the Comprehensive Exam, and receive permission from the Graduate Director to enroll in SMGT 699.

The SMGT 699 Internship course requires 400 hours.  Students in a non-thesis specialization are required to complete an internship, no exceptions.

The internship course requires the filing of a Student/Employer Agreement, Code of Conduct, Mid-term and Final Internship Evaluations, a Time Log and Journal and a Portfolio.

Students currently working full-time in the sport or outdoor recreation industry can apply to the Graduate Director for permission to complete a Special Project in lieu of a separate internship. Permission for completion of a Special Project is given by the Graduate Director ONLY.


Does the M.S. in Sport Management require a comprehensive exam?

The comprehensive exam will be made available to those students who have completed 21 hours in the degree program (core seven courses). No student will be allowed to register for SMGT 689-Thesis Proposal and Research or SMGT 699-Internship without passing the comprehensive exam and receiving permission from the Graduate Director. The following guidelines apply to all students:

Those students who are on the 201140 DCP to current are required to complete the Comprehensive Examination. The student will need to contact the Graduate Director by e-mail and request entry into the Comprehensive Exam. Once the student has been registered, the Comprehensive Exam will populate in Blackboard.

This exam is designed to be taken once the student has completed the seven core courses (SMGT 501, 502, 503, 504, 505, 506 and 520) in the master’s program (21 hours). For the exam, the student will be required to complete seven sections, one for each of the seven courses.

The student must receive a passing rate of 80 percent in order to be admitted into SMGT 689 or SMGT 699.

The student will have two attempts to receive an 80 percent score. If they fail their second attempt, they will be given the opportunity to retake the section(s) of the exam in which they failed on their second attempt, but are not required to retake the areas in which they passed. If they fail this attempt, students will be required to retake the respective core course(s) in the area in which they failed. After completing the core course(s), students will then be given a final attempt to retake the section of the exam in the respective core course area. If this attempt results in failure, the student will be removed from the graduate program.

The student is advised to keep all course books which will be needed in preparation for the taking of the Comprehensive Exam.

To request enrollment into the Comprehensive Exam please e-mail smgtgraduate@liberty.edu.


What type of internship would be appropriate to satisfy the internship requirement?

Typically, any potential internship site with a sports business, outdoor recreation, or tourism focus is acceptable. However, all sites must be approved in advance by the graduate director.


Can previous internships be used to satisfy the SMGT 699 requirement?

No. Internships must be completed after the student completes the 21 hours in the program and comprehensive exam.


What type of supervision is required for the internship (supervisor must hold a Ph.D., etc.)?

There are no minimum academic degrees required for internship site supervisors. However, the potential site supervisor must be in a leadership position within the respective organization and agree to commit the time necessary to supervise the student.


Do I need to complete a minimum number of graduate hours before I can register for the culminating experience?

Students must complete a total of 21 hours and the comprehensive examination in order to register for either the thesis or internship options and obtain permission from the Graduate Director.


Will students have help with internship placement?

The Department of Sport, Event & Tourism Management may have listings of possible internship sites; however, the responsibility rests with each student to build their resume to an appropriate level to be competitive for the internship of their choice, and to secure the opportunity. Any student wishing information should contact the Internship Coordinator at smgtinternship@liberty.edu.


Will I be considered a full-time student during my culminating experience?

The culminating experience options are worth six credit hours. In order to be considered a full-time graduate student, you must be enrolled in at least nine credit hours. However, graduate students registered at least half-time (six credit hours) may qualify for financial aid. For more information on enrollment policies, please refer to the Financial Aid website.


How does the thesis process work?

All students in a thesis specialization are encouraged to start thinking about their thesis topic early in their master’s program studies. Students may contact the Graduate Director at any time to discuss their thesis ideas and receive advising in directing their research. It is important to choose a thesis topic early!

There are two courses in the thesis sequence; SMGT 689 Thesis Proposal and Research and SMGT 690 Thesis Defense. Prior to being allowed to enroll in either course, the student must contact the Graduate Director. No student will be admitted into SMGT 689 or SMGT 690 without the written approval of the Graduate Director.

In SMGT 689 the student is expected to complete their proposal for advisor approval, and complete the compilation of their research and composition of their thesis. Once the student has been admitted by the Graduate Director to the course, the student will be assigned an advisor based on the field of study that their thesis work relates to. The advisor will also be the chair during the defense.

In SMGT 690 the student is expected to defend their thesis in front of the thesis committee either in person or via video conference (as prearranged with the thesis adviser/chair).

Neither course has scheduled hours but each faculty supervisor may require certain reading materials for the course and deadlines. For further information please refer to the Thesis Portal.

Graduation Questions

When can I order my cap and gown for graduation?

Liberty University works with Herff Jones to offer graduation supplies to faculty, staff and students. Typically, during the first or second week of May, Herff Jones representatives will be on campus at the Liberty University Bookstore for a few days to take orders for caps, gowns, diploma frames, class rings, etc. Students may place orders at that time. After the annual Herff Jones visit, cap and gown orders will be taken at the bookstore until graduation, with ancillary items on display for order directly from Herff Jones.


What color will my hood be for a Master of Science degree in Sport Management?

The hood color for the Master of Science degree in Sport Management at Liberty University is called Sage Green.

Additional Questions

How can I find out what books I need for my classes and where to purchase them?

If you are a residential student you may purchase books at the Liberty University Bookstore on campus. You may look up what books you need for classes on the bookstore website. If you are a Liberty University Online (LUO) student you can look up and purchase your books through MBS direct.

Do you have additional questions which are not addressed here? If so, feel free to contact the Department of Sport Management graduate office at (434) 592-5473 and we will be happy to assist you.