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March 2020

LU Student Health Center taking all necessary measures to prevent COVID-19; no known cases reported on campus

Liberty University confirmed on Tuesday that there are no known cases of on-campus students with COVID-19. ...

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Public Health graduates join fight against spread of COVID-19

Multiple alumni of Liberty University’s undergraduate and graduate programs in public health are using their knowledge gained about the spread of infectious diseases and viruses to actively fight real-life COVID-19 cases in the United States and around the world.

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Liberty University reschedules Commencement for Sept. 11-12

Liberty University has announced that its 2020 Commencement has been rescheduled to Sept. 11-12. ...

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Business student serves the homeless in Big Apple, gains career experience during internship

Placed in the heart of a big city in a time of need, Liberty University senior James Manring has used his spring semester internship through the school’s New York City Fellowship to simultaneously train for his career and serve the homeless. ...

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Engineering professor contributes to research on containment of COVID-19 in hospitals nationwide

Liberty University Professor of Mechanical Engineering Dr. Wayne Strasser was recently asked by Vapotherm, a company focused on the development of respiratory therapy products, to aid them in their research on the spread of COVID-19. ...

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Liberty graduate named director of American Legion D.C. office

Liberty University graduate Chanin Nuntavong (’17) was recently named the executive director of government and veteran affairs in the American Legion’s Washington, D.C., office. ...

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Student-doctors earn 99 percent 'match' in highly competitive U.S. residency placement program

Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine students achieved a 99 percent match this year, the highest in LUCOM history. This year the Match holds great significance as it was the first Match to combine both DO and Doctor of Medicine (MD) applicants in the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP). ...

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New York Times misleads public about extent of COVID-19 symptoms among Liberty University students

No reports from LU of residential students testing positive

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Liberty University makes large food donation, meets community needs during COVID-19 crisis

On Friday, Liberty University partnered with Sodexo, Liberty’s dining services provider, to donate over $20,000 worth of food to Lynchburg-area charities. Liberty also donated 800 flash drives to a local school system. ...

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Pastor and author John Mark Comer frames COVID-19 isolation as chance for positive growth

Friday's Convocation, which featured an appearance by pastor and author John Mark Comer, highlighted the value and effects of the silence brought about by the pandemic and how it can be used as a chance to point back to God’s provision. ...

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