Meet our Staff


Jeremy Breaux

Director of Orientation and Retention

I was born and raised in Denham Springs, Louisiana. When I was eight years old, I accepted Christ at a summer camp, and I continued to grow daily in grace and faith. It is the goal of my life to assist people on their personal discipleship the way others have done for me. I began working at Liberty University as a Residential Admissions Counselor in November 2012. God has given me a passion for helping students realize and fulfill their God-given purpose in life.

I have served eight years as a Youth Pastor and eight years as Pastor in various churches. I graduated from Liberty University with a B.S.. in Religion and an M.A.. in Pastoral Counseling. I am currently working on an MDiv with a Pastoral Counseling Cognate. It is truly a privilege to serve at a University that means so much to me and support a student body that is focused on engaging the world for the cause of Christ.


Holly Nickerson

Assistant Director of Parents and Programming

The Parent and Family Connections Office is here to serve as the liaison between Liberty University and you, the parent, to bring you information and support while you trust us with your son or daughter. As a Liberty graduate, I can attest the Lord is in this place. Here, not only have I grown in my academic and professional life, but I have developed some of the most edifying and deep relationships with others that share my faith. Your student has a wonderful opportunity for growth in this incredible place.

I haven't always called Lynchburg my home. I am a Canadian citizen by birth and came to Liberty in 2010 all the way from British Columbia. Attending Liberty was a leap of faith. I remember the excitement and shock of driving onto campus for the first time as a freshman having never seen the campus and knowing that my family would be returning home thousands of miles away. Seven years later, I couldn't be more grateful for this school. I gave my life to Christ my senior year in high school and the spiritual development that has occurred in my life since then has largely been fostered by the personal discipleship, spiritual programs, and environment that Liberty provides. I am passionate about our student body and believe in what our University has sent out to accomplish.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions! We would love to connect with you!

Timi Plyter
Parent Advocate

I am a native upstate New Yorker. I accepted the Lord at the age of 26 and have had a wonderful walk with my Lord ever since. My husband, Richard and I have been married for over 45 years! We have 3 happily married sons, seven granddaughters and three grandsons.  The oldest of these are all walking with the Lord!   They are my delight. My two younger sons served in the military: one is retired Navy, one 8 years in the Army. My oldest son serves in the Lord’s army here in Lynchburg.

We moved to Lynchburg in 1996 because our youngest son, through one of God's miracles, was going to attend Liberty University. My husband and I both began working here in 1997. He is now retired but worked for years in Admissions and I worked as the receptionist in the Registrar's Office for 7 years. I served as a Student Advocate for 13 years and now have the honor of serving Parents as a Parent Advocate!

The Lord has given me a phenomenal love for all of the students and their parents here and I deem it an honor to serve His Kingdom members at this university. Liberty University is a wonderful place to have your student’s faith undergirded and strengthened and I want yours to be as well!  If I meet with you, I will give a mustard seed to each of you.  I will ask you to memorize Matthew 17:20.  We have started an unofficial Mustard Seed Club for students and so far we have had 24 who have actually come back and quoted the verse for me.  You can join too!